Greyhound to begin scheduled service in Mexico in August 2015

Greyhound Bus Lines is set to begin international service in Mexico to destination in the U.S. and Canada in August,

With an initial investment of $25 million dollars, they have opened two two terminals and a maintenance facility in the states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. One terminal is located in the border city of Nuevo Laredo and the other, in Gral. Escobedo, a suburb of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Eventually, the investment will reach $66.5 million dollars when the maintenance facility is built in Nuevo Laredo and provide employment to more than 100 people. 20 buses are expected to be operational in the first phase.

Operations in Mexico is nothing new for Greyhound. Their participation in the Mexican markets dates back to 1958 when they first coordinated with Mexican interstate bus companies. Up to this point, they’ve been providing passenger service into and out of Mexico through their subsidiary, Autobuses Americanos. In 2012, Greyhound Lines was granted Federal passenger authority by the SCT.

Unlike the problems with the United States fulfilling their commitment under NAFTA to Mexican trucking interests, the issue of passenger service between the two countries has never been a problem according to CANACAR President Rogelio Montemayor. In fact, several members of CANAPAT and President Jaime Jaime Delgado have maintained that after the signing of NAFTA, a close relationship with US companies developed to serve customers of the passenger market in the region.

Greyhound will be competing with Mexican bus companies such as ETN, Omnibus de Mexico, Grupo Senda and their respective affiliates.

Now the interesting thing is that as soon as Greyhound starts direct operations in Mexico, they will be exempt from the cabotage rules outlined in NAFTA which govern the prohibition of Mexican, U.S. and Canadian trucks delivering freight in country.

All buses in Mexican service will be equipped with GPS and remote takeover device in the event any irregularities are detected in transit.

Greyhound is owned by the British company First Group PLC, one of the leaders in the UK, and that moves the year 2.5million passengers through 6,400 vehicles.