Governor of Tamaulipas mobilizes Mexican Navy to bring him a Diet Coke

Emergency mission for the Mexican navy. Delivering Diet Coke to the Governor of Tamaulipas at sea.June 2 was a normal afternoon. The sun, in all it’s glory shined down on a crystal blue Gulf of Mexico.

Tamaulipas Gov. Egidio Torre Cantu was aboard the Mexican naval ship “The Huasteca” which had departed the PEMEX in Cd. Madero cruising to a point 10 nautical miles offshore to lay a wreath in memory of all the Mexican sailors lost at see. It was Navy Day or Dia del Marina.

Everything was going splendidly  until Cantu demanded his favorite drink be served to him and the crew, in a panic, realized they had none on board.

What’s a sailor to do in a situation like this when the guest of honor is thirsty. A Mexican sailor resplendent in dress whites jumped into action.

In radio contact with one of the auxiliary ships escorting “The Huasteca”,  the officer commanded The Zamora, to quickly dispatch a 12 pack of Diet Coke for the Governor. As the minutes passed and the Governors thirst grew, the Zamora completed it’s “heroic” rescue mission. In less than  5 minutes the Diet Cokes had reached their destination and the dry mouth Egidio Torre Cantú,


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