Friday Rants and other nonsense about Mexican trucks

Mexican trucks lined up for inspection into the United States
Mexican trucks lined up for inspection into the United States

Anybody have the chance to listen to Landlinenow on Friday when senior editor Terry Scrotum got his panties in a bunch over the upcoming renewal of the Mexican truck program? It was good for a chuckle or two, especially Terry’s feigned indignation.


At issue was a recent comment by Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood regarding the Mexican truck program.

Secretary LaHood stated:

“We’re working with the trucking industry on their ability to continue to be competitive. They weren’t particularly enamored of some of the proposals that were being floated around with respect to the Mexican truck – the cross border, uh, but we met with them and we worked those out.”

And Scrotums sarcastic reply:

Excuse me? You worked what out, exactly? And with whom? Which trucking industry did you work with, Secretary LaHood? It certainly wasn’t the same one that I work with. The trucking industry that I work with still doesn’t like the new proposed Mexican trucking program any better than the old program.

Strange but the trucking industry I’ve spent the past 37 years being a part of, is largely ambivalent about the Mexicans coming here. If they follow the rules, pay the penalty if they don’t, as we do, most truckers I’ve spoken with don’t have a problem.

Scrotum goes on to complain and push the same worn out theory that has been debunked time and again:

You want to know why? Let’s start with jobs. If this program goes through, American truckers will lose jobs. Period. Oh, but American truckers would be able to go down to Mexico and haul loads from there as well. Have you looked at the news from Mexico lately? Drug cartel violence. Kidnappings. It’s not a place I would want to be hauling valuable cargo into.

I would challenge Terry Scrotum and the rest of the fear mongers at OOIDA present irrefutable facts to support their contention that American truckers will lose jobs. PERIOD!!! There is none and the statistics available show that this is nothing but another fear tactic to get unknowing truckers on board with their agenda.

Yes, Terry, I have looked at Mexico lately. I was in Monterrey a couple of days ago. No trucks being targeted. The violence is between the cartels. It has nothing to do with the proposed admittance of Mexican trucks or our ability to continue operating into Mexico.

And while we’re on the subject of safety, let’s just talk about how safe those trucks coming up from Mexico will be. Mexico does not have the same safety infrastructure in place as we do here in the U.S. They just don’t. Oh, but we’re going to solve that by putting Electronic On-Board Recorders into each and every truck crossing the border, right? I see. And who’s going to pay for those EOBRs? Mexico? Guess again. We can’t even pay for our own transportation needs and now we have to foot the bill for Mexico too?

Let’s do talk about how the trucks coming up from Mexico are and will be. The 18 month pilot program showed them to be in compliance with our rules and regulations and showed they had a better safety and compliance history than our very own trucks. Your right. Mexico does not have the same safety infrastructure as we do and for good reason. The infrastructure they have in place to regulate their trucking industry seems to work for them. They don’t seem to be having major truck involved crashes everyday of the week as we seem to.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of the problems with this program. Let’s not forget the fact that after 18 months in the program trucking companies from Mexico will get their permanent authority, which means they get to keep operating here even if the program is shut down. And did I mention the Mexican carriers involved in the first pilot program that was shut down will get credit for the time they operated in the U.S.?

That’s the idea. Full compliance with out obligations under NAFTA and full operating authority after they prove their fitness, AGAIN! Nothing new and nothing that more than 850 Mexican trucking concerns don’t already have. No Terry, scratching the surface isn’t quite right. What you really mean is you just haven’t come up with more worthless excuses why we should continue to ignore our international obligations.

Meanwhile, down on the pig farm;

Since letters are flying back and forth around this issue, The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) sent Congress a letter urging their support for the renewal of the Mexican truck program.

NPPC has pointed out that Mexican trucks were proven as safe as American trucks in a 2007 pilot program, which Congress defunded in 2009.

The organization also pointed out that should this agreement not be ratified, it is likely that Mexico would increase the current tariffs on U.S. goods. Since they were imposed on U.S. pork in August 2010, the tariffs have reduced U.S. pork exports to Mexico by 9% from August to December 2010, compared with the same period in 2009. In that same time, Canadian pork exports to Mexico have grown by 99%.

Mexico, the second-largest market for U.S. pork in 2010, purchased $986 million of U.S. pork in 2010.

And finally, further proof that people don’t have a clue about Mexican trucks or our obligations under NAFTA, in this LETTER TO OHIO REP. BOB GIBBS.

From (BOLD highlights illustrate the absurdity clueless nature of the writer)


Rep. Bob Gibbs

March 27, 2011

Congressman Gibbs:

Obama wants to admit Mexican trucks to our U.S. highways and roads at a time when our unemployment rate grows.

And if we are to believe Todd Spencer, executive V. Pres. of the Owner-Operated Independent Drivers Association, “U.S. truckers would be forced to forfeit their own economic opportunities while companies and drivers from Mexico, free from equivalent regulatory burdens, take over their traffic lanes.”

Yes, Obama says Mexican truckers will be scrutinized for their abilities to meet U.S. trucker’s standards in safety issues, emissions. and will undergo border inspections at the “normal border inspection rate” —which means that only a few violators will get caught. They must acquire English proficiency etc. You and I know this is pure double-speak.

It’s my understanding that Mexcio claims that our ban on Mexican trucks violates our NAFTA treaty obligations. But as Phyllis Schafly points out, NAFTA isn’t a treaty. A treaty requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate and NAFTA was passed by a simple majority vote. She further points out that, with the drug war in full battle-mode at our border, this is no time to start admitting Mexican trucks. But if Obama and Calderon have their way, many Mexican trucks will be hauling illegal aliens and illegal drugs into our country.

If China ignores NAFTA regulations, why must we be made to adhere to them? We need some legislators in our Congress with cajones; someone who will fight for us instead of Mexico.
[pullquote]If China ignores NAFTA regulations, why must we be made to adhere to them?[/pullquote]

Congressman Gibbs, the people of this nation have been made to sacrifice their jobs to developing nations. What kind of monsters do we have in Washington who would hand the remaining jobs to people here illegally and then allow Mexican trucks into our country to destroy the U.S. trucking industry? The families of those U.S. truckers will suffer because there are no jobs in this country. Will Obama never cease in his effort
to destroy our middle class and force our destitute poor farther into poverty? And why would our Congressmen ever approve of this?

Yes we were the wealthiest nation; that distinction earned by the sweat of our brows. And we helped developing nations raise themselves up but they, unlike our forebears who fought and died to draw up a Constittuion that benefits everyone and anyone willing to earn a living by the sweat of his/her brow, don’t seem to have the gumption to fight for their rights.
We are the greatest nation in the world because we the people made it so; not because some other country came along and gave us a free ride.

We have always shared our wealth. Why is our government now treating us like lepers; bad people who don’t deserve good-paying jobs and who should work as slaves to the wealthy elite within a socialist government?

Please don’t allow Mexican trucks on our highways. And don’t forget that NAFTA is NOT a treaty. We owe Mexico nothing regarding giving Mexican trucks free access to our highways. Sure our truckers will be given free access to Mexico’s highways, but who would want to risk life and limb to do so? They don’t want to drive into Mexico and I don’t blame them.

Don’t let Obama have his way and watch him like a hawk because he will try to have his way by maneuvering behind closed doors. Too bad we have to put up with this mistake until 2012. Blessings.

Fredericktown , OH

Isn’t that a hoot? Never knew China had anything to do with NAFTA.

But, the lunacy and idiocy continues on as we start another week. One can only wonder what the wackadoodles will come up with this week.[ad#in-post]