Fourth Mexican motor carrier admitted to Cross Border Pilot Program

Fourth Mexican carrier has been admitted to the Cross Border Program with Mexico despite feeble and unfounded objections by OOIDA and their aliied bogus safety groups
Despite the best efforts of OOIDA and their allies, the bogus safety group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, to prevent Mexican carrier participation in the Cross Border Pilot Program, a fourth Mexican carrier has been allowed authority to participate.

Transportes Del Valle De Guadalupe of Baja California, had been granted OPX-1 authority to operate one truck with one driver throughout the United States under the cross border pilot program.

OOIDA and others, lacking any credible evidence of non fitness by this carrier, nontheless used the 10 day comment period to try and stop this carriers participation, a gesture that failed, as have the rest of their efforts.

Lacking credibility concerning Mexican trucks and drivers, OOIDA’s apparent playbook now is to simply try to delay as much as possible, entry of safe, well qualified Mexican companies from participating in hopes that the program will age out without obtaining a “statistically valid sampling” of Mexican carriers.

Of course, what OOIDA chooses to ignore, should they be successful in their efforts, then the Mexican tariff’s that were suspended when the current program went forward, could very well come back with a vengeance costing Americans’ more jobs and market share in the private sector. This doesn’t bother OOIDA as long as they can prevent a handful of safe, vetted Mexican carriers from entering the US and joining more than 800 other Mexican carriers who have operated here safely since the 1970’s.

To date, 4 carriers utilizing 4 trucks and 4 drivers have made 47 crossing into the interior of the United States. All have been inspected upon entry and only one Hours of Service violation has been reported. 15 more carriers are in various stages of vetting.