Four more participants in Cross Border Pilot Program earn “Permanent Operating Authority”

Mexico-niceredtruck-CR-MexicoTruckerOnlineThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted permanent authority on May 23, to four more Mexican carriers participating in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. Five of the twelve participants now have this earned upgrade.

FMCSA issued permanent authority to Moises Alveraz Perez, Servicios Refrigerados Internationals and Higienicos Y Desechables Del Bajo and Transportes Monteblanco. Transportes Olympics, the first participant in both the 2007 and current program, received their permanent authority almost immediately after being credited for time participating in the 2007 program.

Carriers participating in the program must first pass a Pre-Authorization Safety Audit to enter the program. After 18 months of operating under provisional status, and barring any safety issues or enforcement actions, carriers are upgraded to “permanent operating authority” which despite it’s name, can be revoked or suspended for cause.

Currently, their are 12 Mexican carriers participating in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. They operate 44 class 8 tractors using 44 authorized and vetted drivers. These carriers have made 3,504 border crossings, been inspected 1,143 times and have a cumulative Out of Service rate average of 8.1225% for vehicles and 3.85% for drivers. All well below the US National average.


Yesterday, FMCSA announced and published in the Federal Register requests for public comment on data and information contained in the Pre-Authorization Safety Audit (PASA) for Sergio Tristan Maldonado doing business as Tristan Transfer (Tristan) with U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number 2348928. Comments requested are on concerning the fitness and ability of this applicant to operate safely and within our framework of rules and regulations covering commercial vehicles operating in the United States. Comments are being accepted until midnight July 8, 2013 at

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