FMCSA opens comment period for twelfth participant in Cross Border Pilot Program

STILFMCSA has announced the 12th Mexican motor carrier to successfully pass it’s Pre Authorization Safety Audit and is asking for public comments prior to issuing the carrier provisional operating authority.

Servicio de Transporte Internacional y Local SA de CV (STIL) of Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, is bringing 20 tractors and 13 drivers into the program which will make it one of the larger participants in terms of drivers and equipment. Their fleet includes both 2008 Freightliners and 2011 Internationals which were all inspected and received their required CVSA decals which must be renewed every 90 days.

Already this carrier is facing criticism from the usual opponents to any Mexican carrier operating in this country because of their SMS scores. FMCSA acknowledges these high scores while at the same time pointing out that none of the scores reflect a “critical” event. And we agree.

Of the 1,332 violations in the Driver Fitness BASIC, 1,320 involve the English language proficiency (ELP) of the drivers. The drivers approved for this pilot program completed ELP testing during the PASA. It must be noted that these 1,332 violations were assessed against drivers running within the commercial zones in Texas that is bi-lingual and this requirement is largely ignored because of this. Indeed, violation of 391.11.(b)(2) is an Out of Service violation yet none of these violations were listed as OOS. More evidence of the “arbitrary and capricious” nature of the regulation.

This carrier also shows a 94.8% score in the Vehicle BASIC. The majority (1945) of violations is for “Failing to secure brake hose/tubing against mechanical damage”. This is something Texas is famous for writing. If an airline is touching the deck plate or perhaps the lines under the trailer don’t have enough separators and zip ties, BINGO, you have a violation. Sometimes, when all else fails, the inspectors thumb against a dirty line show “evidence” of chaffing.

But all this is neither here nor there as the units which have passed the inspections are not the units that run daily across the border shuttling trailers from the factories in Juarez to the warehouses in El Paso Texas.

Anyone wishing to make a comment on this carriers qualifications or lack thereof, have until May 13, 2013 to do so. You can leave your comments by following this LINK


While researching the qualifications of Servicio de Transporte Internacional y Local SA de CV (STIL), we became aware of a thirteenth Mexican motor carrier who has passed the preliminary inspections and is awaiting publication in the Federal Register.

SERGIO TRISTAN MALDONALDO DBA TRISTAN TRANSFER is a new carrier in all aspects of the word. Maldanado currently works as a manager for his sisters company in Nuevo Laredo and is in the process of establishing his own entity which he will operate solely on his own using 3 tractors and 3 drivers. More on this company once it is published in the Federal Register.

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