FMCSA data released shows Mexican carriers and drivers have superior safety statistics

Mexican National Fleet
FMCSA data confirms significant improvement and safety superiority over US carriers, something Mexico Trucker Online has maintained all along
Data released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last month suggests that Mexican carriers and drivers still maintain a significant lead in safety over their US and Canadian counterparts.

According to Jill Dunn, writing for E-Trucker

The out-of-service rate for drivers of Mexican-domiciled CMVs inspected at the border during 2010 was just more than 1 percent and the OOS rate for vehicles nearly 17 percent. By comparison, the national OOS average of all U.S. inspections was almost 5.3 percent for drivers and nearly 20 percent for CMVs for that year.

License check data for FY 2004 -2010 was conducted through Mexico’s Federal commercial driver’s license system, Licencia Federal Information System, the Commercial Driver’s License Information System, and the International Justice and Public Safety Network, during roadside or border facility inspections.

That year, almost 99 percent of 254,397 driver’s license were valid that were conducted on Mexico-domiciled drivers entering or operating in the United States.

In FY1993, the OOS rates for drivers of Mexican CMVs were close to 25 percent and more than 50 percent for vehicles. During1993-2010, truck and bus entries from Mexico into the United States increased 96 percent.

In FY 2009, driver and vehicle OOS rates for Mexico-domiciled CMVs was nearly 2 percent and 18 percent, respectively. Driver and vehicle OOS rates for Mexico-domiciled CMVs were slightly more than 1 and 21 percent respectively for FY 2008.

During FY 2009, license checks conducted on Mexico-domiciled drivers entering or operating in the United States indicated 97 percent of the licenses were valid.

The 2008 report includes a separate summary of data from 29 Mexican carriers participants of cross-border demonstration project from its first year, which ended Sept. 6, 2008.

What this tells us is in the years since Mexico Trucker Online has been correcting the “errors of omission” and other falsehoods put out by the opponents of Mexican trucks, the Mexican trucking industry has maintained a a safety record superior to their US counterparts while being subjected to closer oversight and more strenuous and unnecessary regulation than is imposed upon Canadian and US carriers. The release of this data is validation of all we have written and spoke of on this journal.

This data takes into account not only the cross border pilot program trucks but every Mexican carrier entering the United States through a commercial port of entry.

We’ll have a followup to this in a few days as soon as I have the time to look at and dissect the data more closely.