FMCSA approves 3rd Mexican carrier for US Cross border operations

Safe, modern, Mexican trucks
Safe, modern, well maintained Mexican trucks such as this one are applying for authority to operate in the US despite the best efforts of some who oppose them
]Despite the best efforts of OOIDA and others to force FMCSA to reject another applicant for the Mexico Cross Border Pilot Program, another carrier has been green lighted to participate in the program.

Baja Express Transportes, based in Tijuana, Mexico, has been granted provisional authority to operate throughout the United States. The company has one driver and one truck, a 2004 Freightliner cleared for participation.

Some may remember that Baja Express Transportes was accused of “lying” on their OP-1 (MX) application by OOIDA, an organization who has taken “untruthfulness” to a higher art form in regards to Mexican trucks when the owner of Baja Express Transportes failed to list an association with a US based Mexican carrier on his application, an oversight quickly remedied to the chagrin and outrage of OOIDA.

Abandoned by their puppet Congressmen who finally realized the futility and illegality of trying to prevent the US from abiding by their international obligations, OOIDA, the Teamsters and their allies among the various bogus safety groups have resorted to using the 10 day comment period required before these trucks can be given the green light, to stymie the efforts of the applicants and the FMCSA.

Fortunately, this time, they failed…… Again.