FMCSA-2007-28055-1069 – Anonymous Submitter – Cute!!

Here’s another cute one showing the ignorance of the facts by those submitting comments to the FMCSA. It is probably just as well that he didn’t have the cajones to reveal his name as myself and others have done. I’ve cleaned the formatting up a bit to make it easier for my readers to see.

Dear FMCSA, please listen to the teamsters and OOIDA spokespeople;
they have very thoughtful insights regarding the opening of the
souther border to mexican trucking companies.
I am strongly opposed to you opening the border,
for many reasons. Here are a few:
environmental--they'll be burning high sulfur fuel when they cross

safety--they won't be able to read+comprehend english

safety--they won't be experienced at driving in snow+ice

compliance--they don't have a database that shows driving record,exp-

     erience,failed drug tests,medical problems,etc

enforcement--our DOT won't be able to inspect each truck,won't be

     able to do background checks on each driver for warrants,etc.

homeland security--they will be bringing in drugs,illegal immigrants

     and could easily be bribed to bring in weapons of mass destruct-


road safety--without knowing their experience, how can we know they

     will be safe? I shudder at the thought of an untrained,non engl-

     ish-speaking,drugged-up menace to our society tailgating a mini-

     van full of kids without regard to their safety.

reciprocation--will they let us into their country, or better yet, if

we go into mexico, will they steal our tires,etc while we're there?

and where will we get ultra-low sulfur fuel? but we won't go into
mexico because the freight rates will be too poor, i'm guessing.

tax revenue--their drivers won't pay US income taxes, and will most

    likely not spend much $$ in our country...they'll be paid poorly

    and won't be able to afford our truck stops,etc.

accurate reporting of US miles--how can you be sure they will tell
the true miles, and they won't be buying our fuel for substantiating


other economic impact--when they displace thousands of US drivers,

    the displaced drivers will need welfare+other social programs...

   and banks will have to repo lots of trucks
well that sums up a few of my thoughts. PLEASE STOP THE PILOT PRGRM!!

1.)Thoughtful insight? Two organizations with an agenda designed to stir the anger of the great unwashed and uninformed in order to bolster membership in their respective organizations. Nothing more. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is a mere shell of what was once a great labor union.

2.) Can’t speak English? You might be surprised at the level of proficiency most of these drivers have. Whether they choose to use it is another matter. Naturally they feel comfortable speaking to other hispanics in their own language which is what you hear on the CB and in the truck stops that makes you wrongly assume they cannot speak English.

3.) snow and ice experience? You got me there, almost! The mountains in Mexico, the Sierra Madre Oriente y Sur, do get ice and snow occasionally in the winter months. But how many bred in the U.S.A. truckers have any business being on the roads in the ice and snow? Just look at all the trucks and 4 wheelers upside down and sideways in the ditches after a good winter storm

4.) No databases? Better read the articles posted in the sidebar section of this site. They have strict medical, psychological and moral (meaning criminal background checks) standards that are adhered to, more so than in the U.S.

5.) Our DOT can not nor do they attempt to inspect each and every truck on the highways. It is a physical impossibility. However, when the Mexican trucks are permitted to go beyond the border zone, they will be under the same rules and regulations as the rest of us. Including warrant checks. In addition, when crossing the border, they will be run through a number of databases and if a problem is shown, will be denied entry. If the problem is a criminal warrant, they will be arrested on the spot and detained. It is in the rules.

6.) Give me a break you moron! They will not be bringing drugs, illegals nor anything else but themselves, their trucks and their freight. They cannot be bribed to bring WMD’s or other fantasy weapons in. Mexico has checks and balances in place to assure this does not happen. And Mexico has a real concern not to allow that to happen. Sounds like some more of the crap oozing out of Rollye Jame’s mouth.

7.)untrained, drugged up menaces? Wow, must be thinking about the two week wonders coming out of the big guys in house training programs because this certainly does not describe the majority of Mexico’s truckers. They are as professional, and in many cases, more so, than their American counterparts. You don’t hear the CB humming in Mexico with calls for “PArty Favors” “White Smoke” or whores like you do in the U.S. at every truckstop. Oh yeah, notice this clown used Steve Sommers strategy of getting the soccer moms up in arms by mentioning mini van load of kids? Way to go moron. You have learned your lessons well.

8.) Reciprocation? Of course. It is in NAFTA that U.S. carrier be given equal access. And no sonny, your tires will not be stolen nor you load, nor your truck. Especially if you use a little common sense. I can see however, some American truckers driving into Mexico and selling their tires, parts of their loads to pay for the whores they’ll be looking for as well as party time in the cantinas. And of course, they’ll be calling their dispatchers and conveniently blaming it on the Mexicans. We see it happening today in El Paso and Laredo. Drivers going across to the whore bars, spending too much money and coming back to their trucks, getting on the radio and trying to sell tires and fuel. And if successful, they of course, BLAME IT ON THE MEXICANS!

9.) Until recently, Mexico has not had a need for ULSD. But as of February of this year, PEMEX, the national oil company, has begun adding refining capacity for the so called “clean fuels” So yes, you will be able to get ULSD. And for those of us who have pre-2007 engines, we can still get the good old 500ppm diesel!!

10.) IRS tax law stipulates that foreigners who earn income in the United States pay a certain percentage in income taxes on income earned while working in the U.S. The same law applies to Canadians whose country has a similiar law. However, who does it? I don’t, the Cannucks don’t so why expect the Mexicans to do so. The percentage is low, I believe around 1.5%, so to me it is a non issue. And I seriously doubt that those of you reading this who take loads into Canada comply with that requirement. Concerning the accurate reporting of miles driven. I don’t consider that an issue as Mexican trucking companies use the same software to run their fleets as do American Carriers and the Canadians. The process of mileage reporting is practically fully automated now with the various regulatory agencies accepting mileage estimates from PC Miler and other software routing programs. Not an issue.

11.) There will be no displacement of drivers although there will be drivers who will lose their jobs while this project is in place and blame it on the Mexican trucks. But these drivers would be losing their jobs anyway for reasons having nothing to do with Mexican trucks, but that is who will get the blame. Look around you people. The major carriers have hundreds of trucks sitting idle in each of their terminals. Not for lack of freight, but for lack of drivers. The major companies, Schneider, Werner, Swift, are actually putting freight out to the brokers in order to take care of their customers. People, there is enough for all with much left over. Get straight on that!