First two applicants for the Mexican Cross Border Program have passed their PASA’s

FMCSA Inspector and Transportes Olympic
An FMCSA inspector conducts a Level I compliance inspection on a truck belonging to Transportes Olympic in 2007 prior to the initiation of the successful Mexican Pilot Truck Program
FMCSA spokesperson Candice Tolliver Burns announced late yesterday that two of the 7 applicants for the Cross Border Trucking Pilot Program with Mexico have successfully  passed their Pre-Authorization Safety Audits (PASA) and are ready to roll.
[pullquote]Legislative Update
An effort by Rep. Steven LaTourette [R-OH14] yesterday to insert an amendment into the transportation bill prohibiting expenditure of funds for EOBR’s for Mexican trucks was soundly defeated by a voice vote, by supporters of the cross border program with Mexico, led by Rep. Jack Carter of Texas who do not want to see more job killing tariff’s levied if Congress keeps trying to kill the program.[/pullquote]
Both carriers were participants in the 2007 cross border demonstration program and under the rules of the new program, should be eligible shortly for permanent operating authority.

The carriers, Transportes Olympic based in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, a suburb of Monterrey and Grupo Behr, headquartered in Tijuana, BC.

Transported Olympic, owned by Fernando Paez, was the first carrier to cross under the previous program September 8, 2007.


Grupo Behr, DOT#861744, has a decent enough safety record, showing a 43.6 percentile ranking on the Vehicle Maintenance Basic. They show having 7 vehicles, 7 drivers, with a 24 month inspections totaling 34. Out of Service rate is 25.7% compared to the national average of 20.72%. No OOS orders on the drivers. It should be noted, that the inspections in the database were on straight trucks with one exception.


Tranportes Olympics, DOT#555188 is not in the SMS system yet nor in Safersys, so we need to look at them in a different way.

With the abrupt end of the previous pilot program, Mr. Paez had positioned himself well, opening satellite companies on the US side of  the border, using the same trucks and drivers as used in the previous pilot program. They continue to operate legally throughout the US to this day under the names OLYMPIC TRANSPORT, OMC TRANSPORT, FERNANDO PAEZ TRANSPORT.

FERNANDO PAEZ TRANSPORT: DOT#535886, has 36 power units and 36 drivers listed. In the past 24 months, they have undergone 320 inspections. Those inspection resulted in 233 vehicle inspections with 33 or 14.2% being put out of service. The US average is 20.72.

Driver inspections totalled 319 with an OOS rate of  3.4%. The national average is 5.5%. Once again showing this Mexican carrier to be safer than comparable US carriers.

We look at the new SMS DATABASE, where the data there pretty much mirrors SAFERSYS, but to some would present a disturbing view of this safe and compliant carrier and underscores the problems with CSA and the new method of tracking carrier performance.

They show three instances of unsafe driving. One citation was written at a fixed inspection site for “failure to obey traffic control device”. Isn’t that odd?

The second was for speeding, and log book not current, during a roadside, and the third, an “unauthorized passenger”. They call that “unsafe” but what’s unsafe about having a little “trim” riding along with you. We’ve all done it.

They’ve got some log book violations, the majority “general form and manner”, in other words, not crossing their “T’s” etc. And keep in mind, this company and the others will not be part of the pilot program. They will continue to operate as they have been.

The DRIVER FITNESS BASIC is the problem and every single violation seems to be violation of  391.11(b)(2, English proficiency. That is not an OOS violation except in Iowa apparently, The regulation itself, is arbitrary and capricious, giving no form nor guidance to the enforcement office, and leaving it up to the office to decide for himself. We’re seeing a lot of these bogus violations across the board.

So it’s began. And there’s no stopping it now!