First Mexican Customs facility in the United States to begin operation in June 2013

Aduanales MexicanoAccording to a report today in T21MXthe first Mexican customs facility in the United States is expected to be in full operation by the middle of this month.

The facility which is the first Mexican Customs operation located outside of Mexico is located at the Laredo International airport and will focus on streamlining the customs process in the automotive parts, electronics and aerospace sectors.

Jose Flores, airport general manager, said the customs installation is part of a reciprocal agreement between Mexico and the United States . He explained that the city of Laredo has invested about $ 3.3 million in the development of the facility which will streamline business operations between Mexico and the United States in terms of air cargo.

In the beginning, the facility will send or receive air cargo from six major Mexican air hubs. Chihuahua, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Toluca and Guadalajara.

The facility underwent testing in December sending Chrysler parts to their plant in Guanajuato in a quick and efficient manner. With the new facility, no longer will Mexican air cargo be forced to land at an airport enroute to their final destination in order to clear Mexican Customs.