Federal Police bust tractor trailer carrying cocaine – heroin. Two in custody

Sonora drug bustMexican Federal Transport Police manning a roadblock at km 73 on the Rocky Point-Puerto Libertad highway in the municipality of Caborca stopped a refrigerated tractor trailer rig enroute from Hermosillo Sonora to Baja California, discovering almost 100 kilograms of a “white powdery” substances hidden among the pallets of tomatoes the truckers were hauling.

Emigdio Hernández Partida, 29 and Jorge Elías Burgueño Delgado 42, were detained by the Federal Police units and after being read their rights as required by Mexican law, were turned over to the Sonora State Attorney Generals office for prosecution.

Seized were 86 kilograms of a white powdery substance believed to be crystal meth, 11 kilogroams of Cocaine and 11.075 kilograms of heroin.

sources tell MTO that the check point was established as part of Road Check 2013 which starts tonight at midnight in the United States, Canada and Mexico.