FBI & DHS raids on Swift Transportation – Day 2

The day after a multi agency raid on Swift Transportation offices in Memphis and Millington Tennessee, authorities are keeping quiet on the reason for the raids and Swift management are doing the monkey dance proclaiming their innocence of any wrongdoing.

Seven federal agencies and the Tennessee Highway Patrol raided Swift Transportation’s terminal operations in Memphis and its driver-training school in Millington.

Also, the Tennessee Department of Safety has temporarily closed a commercial driver’s license center housed in Swift’s shipping center on Brooks Road near Memphis International Airport.

Authorities would not confirm whether the probe centers on the commercial licenses issued from the license center on Swift Transportation property.

At that center, state Department of Safety employees administer the written and eye examinations, while Swift personnel conduct the driving-skills tests.

The Department of Safety announced Monday that it was cooperating with the FBI in an “ongoing investigation of Swift Transportation in Memphis.”

Swift officials countered that, despite the search warrants and raid, the company was not the target.

Swift spokesman Dave Berry said, “Swift chooses not to comment any further because we do not want in any way to impede or interfere with the investigation. We’re cooperating in every way.”

No arrest have been made. Evidence seized is still being sorted and cataloged.

In [cref fbi-raids-swift-transportations-memphis-terminal yesterdays post] announcing this event, we had a comment posted, that if true, could shed light on the reason behind this action.

Billy wrote:

I’m a Swift student. We have 5 Muslims in the class trying to get their Hazmat endorsement. Why in this day and age are we allowing this to go on? Any company that does this needs to be investigated. As far as the investigation goes Swift claims that they are not the center of the controversy, but that DMV location is strictly for Swift students. You can’t tell me that Swift doesn’t have some influence over what goes on there.

Good question Billy. If this is the case, this would account for the varied Federal Agencies which are involved in this action.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the story and report the truth as it becomes available. Already, the trolls of the blogosphere are coming out in mass with the bullshit about illegal aliens (read that Mexican’s, of course. Are there any other kind) being hired and trained by Swift. Of big rig accidents where 9 people were killed by a Swift rig being driven by and “illegal alien”, (not true, never happened by the way) and other xenophobic horse shit.

But that’s normal in today society isn’t it!


Talk about bad reporting and reporting the facts without the facts, I looked at the Fox 13 News Report about this, and discovered where some of the misinformation was coming from. Cori Lake reporting the story mentioned the investigation was triggered by an accident involving a Swift  Transportation truck in Ohio being driven by an “illegal alien”. But as she said, “We don’t know where it happened or when it happened” but an illegal alien was involved!

She went on to report that Swift Transportation has a Mexican affiliate called, now get this, NUEVO LAREDO!  (Could she have meant TRANS-MEX )

This is how rumors get started folks and of course, the trolls are having a field day with this one. Perhaps Ms Lake should be sent back to the secretarial pool.