Exclusive – Why Mexican trucks are here to stay

I was listening to the radio this afternoon when the word came out that Jim Johnston had put out another of his “Calls to Action” concerning the Mexican Pilot Program. That’s right folks, OOIDA wants their sheeple to jam the phone lines to Washington telling all the Senators how they don’t want no dirty Mexican’s and their trucks in the US.

But go ahead and call people, because the Mexican carriers are here to stay, with or without the blessing of a Pilot Program.

Fernando Paez and his company, Transportes Olympics, was the first Mexican carrier granted authority under the Mexican Pilot Program. Critics claimed this company was “cherry picked” to be the first carrier across and it was all a “dog and pony show” which meant nothing. How wrong they all were. Wrong as they have been all along about Mexican trucks and Mexico.

Because the truth of the matter is, Fernando Paez has operated in the United States LEGALLY since 1994. Fernando Paez Transport dba Olympic Transport was granted CONTRACT authority on 7/29/1994 to haul steel, building materials and paper between points in the United States from their terminal in McAllen Texas. The DOT docket was MC267592 and the USDOT number issued was 535886.

This is the same Fernando Paez who owns Transportes Olympic in Monterrey.

So what kind of safety record and operation has Mr Paez conducted in the past 13 years? According to government records, excellent as expected.

According to FMCSA records, Fernando Paez Transport dba Transport Olympic has 23 trucks with 22 drivers. He has the required $750,000 insurance on file.

For the past 24 months, trucks and drivers for Olympic Transport have received 166 driver inspections, and 136 vehicle inspections. The results?

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More proof that Mexican trucks, or in this case, Mr Paez’s trucks fall way below the national average in OOS incidents.

It is interesting to note that in this two year period, Fernando Paez Transport dba Olympic Transport had ZERO crashes of any kind. Kind of makes you think Paez knows a thing or two about running a trucking company.

His last Compliance audit was in 2004 and he received a SATISFACTORY rating.

So it stands to reason that if Mr Paez is running this type of operation in the US, the operation in Mexico of Transportes Olympic is run in a similar manner.

But to be fair, it hasn’t been all peaches and cream for Paez. In 2002, he was fined $1000.00 by FMCSA for violation of 383.23(a), a driver violation for failure to have a CDL. But nothing apparently after that.

So close the pilot program tomorrow. Will it assure there are no Mexican trucks operating beyond the 25 mile commercial zone? Absolutely not!!!

FMCSA communications chief Melissa Mazzella DeLaney said yesterday,

Of the exempted companies, 859 were active from 2003 to 2006, and their drivers and trucks were subject to U.S. inspections for violations that would put them out of service until corrected. The “out-of-service” rates for long-haul Mexican trucks was 21.3 percent, compared to 23.5 percent for U.S. trucks, and the rate for Mexican drivers was 1.2 percent compared to 7 percent for U.S. drivers

Shut down the Pilot Program tomorrow and you lose funding for facilities and inspectors that benefit us all and keep an eye on the border shuttle trucks.

You might shut down the 15 authorized participants in the Pilot Program, except for Mr Paez, who will continue to fulfill his contracts by bringing the trailer to McAllen Texas and re-powering it with a truck exactly the same as crossed the border. Or perhaps, he won’t repower but will simply have a Mexican professional trucker behind the wheel with a work visa to work in the US. Remember the driver shortage? Well, this is the perfect example of the use of an H-1 work visa! (hee hee, don’t you just love it?)

And what is to say the other 5 companies don’t have similar setups? It’s all legal.

So no people! Waste your time trying to shut this program down and you have accomplished nothing.

  1. The 859 exempted Mexican carriers under the 1982 moratorium grandfather clause will still be permitted to operate
  2. The 3.5 million trailers that cross Texas borders will still be allowed to cross
  3. And Mr Paez will continue to build his business.

And this revelation also tends to break the back of the argument that US companies cannot compete on a level playing field with the Mexicans. Hell, we’ve been doing it for 25 years and just now, the idea of 15 Mexican trucks operating in the US, sends the loony toons into hysteria.

And it is not about homeland security either as some claim when they try to play the “terror” card. Remember, 3.5 million trailers cross annually?

So perhaps it is something more and many people agree with this. As our Razorback Racists over on their silly little site with the rebel flags and hangman’s nooses proclaim

The claim by Mexican truckers further in the article states that they are at a competitive disadvantage doesn’t hold water with us here at Whackeroos. We, as American truckers, should be competing with other American truckers – not Mexico.

This is a bad program from a homeland security standpoint, as well as an economic standpoint.

Did they say competing with American truckers and not Mexico? Hmmm, what’s missing here? I know…….Canadians! Are we not competing with the Canadians?

Oh, but they’re, oh, never mind! Blanco, hablar ingles! si…… mi entiendi ahora

But yep! Like it or not, Mexican trucks are here to stay people, in numbers you never imagined. And you never imagined you’d be sharing the road with them? Well, you have been, for the past 25 years or more.

So could it be that the numbers are true? That Mexican carriers are safer than American and Canadians, as we reported here months ago? It would appear to be the case.

We certainly haven’t heard of wholesale slaughter on the highways as has been predicted with the Pilot Program. Nor do we hear of big rig accidents daily involving Mexican trucks as we do the US counterparts.

Perhaps, the only reason the opponents don’t want the here is the color of their skin. It has been suggested thus in other sites on the internet and the actions of the critics seem to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Rationalize you position all you care to, but in the end, I think circumstances and events will prove those of us at MT, right as usual