Eric “Bubba Bo” Boulanger steps down from overnight gig on “America’s Trucking Network”

Eric "Bubba Bo" Boulanger
Eric “Bubba Bo” Boulanger, weekend host of America’s Trucking Network, resigned December 29 citing health and personal reaons. A declining listener base also surely contributed to his decision to leave the job he held since April 2004.
Eric “Bubba Bo” Boulanger has resigned as weekend host of WLW-AM’s “America’s Truckin’ Network” show after more than nine years.

Boulanger signed off December 29, 2013 by saying he had worked every weekend and holiday for 9-plus years without a day off. He took over weekends after original host Dale “The Truckin’ Bozo” Sommers retired from WLW-AM in 2004, and Bozo’s son Steve was named weeknight host.

“I enjoyed doing the show, but I’ve had some health scares in the past year and it’s pretty clear I have to make an adjustment,” Boulanger told Land Line. “You can’t work every day 52 weeks a year. Better health requires a better lifestyle, and I’m not Superman. I’ve been putting my body clock upside down for years, and I need to establish a sensible work schedule.”

Besides health issues, we imagine his resignation also has a lot to do with the declining listener base for “America’s Trucking Network” broadcast on 700-WLW out of Cincinnati Ohio from midnight to 5 a.m seven days a week.

In recent months, it seemed ATN moved into more of an infomercial format showcasing the programs sponsors to make up for the lack of new callers.

Boulanger covered trucking, sports, politics and other subjects with a decidedly conservative slant to the program, always saying all were welcome to call. However, those who called with a viewpoint different from Boulanger’s and the show’s core callers were met with an attitude of impatient tolerance and sarcasm and most often, ridiculed by subsequent callers and the host.

On the positive side, Boulanger did work to try and bring drivers together and get them to talking with each other, something he was reasonably successful in doing.

Boulanger is also associated with the not-for-profit charitable group called the Jacob Russell Boulanger Memorial Fund, or JRBM fund. JRBM Fund is a group inspired by the 2009 death of Boulangers teenage son.

No replacement has been found yet.
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