December 28, 2012 marks end of trucking radio at SiriusXM as The Lockridge Report makes final broadcast

Trucking journalist Evan Lockridge
Award winning journalist Evan Lockridge doing the final show of The Lockridge Report from his home studio in Birmingham Alabama, 12/28/2012 – We’re going to miss you old friend.
Real trucking radio came to an end on SiriusXM satellite radio on the last Friday of 2012 as the award winning and critically acclaimed The Lockridge Report made it’s final broadcast with a bittersweet “safety valve Friday”.

The Lockridge Report which went on the air in February 2008, was hosted by internationally recognized trucking journalist Evan Lockridge, the only host of a “trucking show” with the credentials and experience to know what he was talking about.

Featuring an interesting cross section of trucking interests and experts on his show on a regular and irregular basis, Lockridge used his experience as a print and broadcast journalist to ask the hard questions on sometimes unpopular subjects to dig down for the information that truckers needed to know, from a neutral, unbiased perspective, unlike other so-called “trucking shows on SiriusXM which are little more than infomercials for the hosts advertisers or right wing political conspiracy diatribe.

Lockridge brought the show to and end after realizing he needed to spend more time caring his aging parents which further shows what a class act Evan Lockridge is, has been and always will be in many peoples hearts and minds.

He intends to continue producing the top of the hour trucker news spots on SiriusXM, filling in for other hosts when needed and concentrate on writing for print and web trucking publications.

On a personal note. I’ve still got the first email I ever received from Evan concerning this website and the issue of Mexican trucks which at the time, was once again heating up. Evan was on the opposite side of the issue but with an open mind and as we talked back and forth, and he studied the reference materials available on Mexico Trucker Online, he came to realize what a hoax was being perpetrated on the American trucker and the public at large by groups like OOIDA, Teamsters, the bogus safety organizations who oppose the Mexican truck programs. And as with other subjects he discussed on his program, he set the record straight on the Mexican trucks and invited me onto his show several times to discuss Mexican trucking and other issues that we cover on this website.

A friendship developed and continues to this day that I will also value and treasure as we both go onto bigger and better things in 2013. Evan continues to be a friend and a mentor to me in many ways, especially keeping me focused when on those rare occasions I tend to go off on a tear.

So as SiriusXM looses a very knowledgeable, honorable and incredibly qualified trucking news journalist, trucking radio is dead in the minds of many of the legions of listeners of the Lockridge Report.

Isn’t that a little extreme some might ask? We don’t think so, considering what’s left to insult the intelligence of America’s truckers.

Dave Nemo Entertainment now controls 9 hours a day of content on SiriusXM Road Dog 106 and when you consider the weekend content he provides, that’s more than 53 hours a week of “entertainment” in the form of a running infomercial for his sponsors and for groups like the ATA (American Trucking Association) which do not have the interest of truckers in mind.

Free- Wheelin with Chris T and Meredith Ochs from 10-2 from the New York City studios of SirusXM is a joke and an insult and really has nothing to do with real world trucking.

And then of course on the overnights, on Extreme Talk 166, there is the Steve Sommers Show on what is laughingly referred to a “America’s Trucking Network” although someone tuning in for the first and subsequent times would swear it was “America’s Teabaggers Network” because of the same callers night after night calling in to bash the President and “liberals”, a liberal being in their minds, anyone who doesn’t walk in lockstep with their opinions.

So, yes, with The Lockridge Report off the air, trucking radio as we know it has died on SiriusXM and such a shame it is.