Dale “The Trucking Bozo” Sommers announces retirement

Times photo: Stephen J. Coddington]
Truckin’ Bozo, aka Dale Sommers, does his XM satellite radio show from a studio in his Citrus Springs home, announces his retirement from radio after 52 years.
Dale “Trucking Bozo” Sommers, not unexpectedly, has announced his retirement from radio after more than 50 years on the air.

In a brief statement on his website, thebozo.com, his longtime friend Rusty “Yoda” Wade wrote;

This is Yoda typing, I received a phone call from Dale and Sharon at 3:45 pm Eastern time. I listened with increasing dread as Dale told me he was retiring from the show on Xm/Sirius. He sounded a little sadder, but also a little less strong than he did when he called me at 5:30 pm yesterday.

He told me the pain just sitting there in the wheel chair just made it impossible for him to go on the air, and he felt he was letting down the audience of 52 years with his constant health problems.

For those that don’t know who Bozo was, there is an excellent article written about him in the Tampa Bay Times that is a must read.

What few people realize is that Dale Sommers was the impetus for Mexico Trucker Online. One afternoon listening to Dale describing a vision of Mexico that only existed in his mind, and his aversion to the Mexican truck issue gave us the motivation to establish Mexico Trucker Online.

So as The Bozo toddles off into the sunset, we wish him the best of luck to him and his lovely wife of 37 years Sharon , prayers for a continued long life. Personally, Dale got me through many a long night when he was at 700 WLW and later on SiriusXM, he kept my blood pressure seriously elevated when he was ranting about Mexico and Mexican trucking and gave me an abundance of claims to debunk. Far that Dale, the sincerest of thanks and wishes of many years ahead of you.

Perhaps now is the time for his friends, fans and adversaries alike, to push for his nomination to the Broadcasters Hall of Fame, an honor that always has seem to elude him.

His son Steve Sommers continues the tradition with America’s Trucking Network on http://www.700wlw.com/pages/onair_stevesommers.html Channel 166