Cross Border Agreement signed. OOIDA already in Court – Higher Tariffs possible as a result

Corrupt little Congress critter Peter DeFazio
Corrupt little congress critter Peter DeFazio, waving the key to the TEAMSTERS bank vault after once again bowing to their demands and introducing a bill designed to hinder cross border trucking with Mexico. Silly smile on his face reminds us of the Commandant in "Police Academy" when the hooker was under the table. Another Teamsters perk perhaps?
It didn’t take long after today’s announcement of the official signing of the Cross Border Pilot Program agreement in Mexico City for opponents to come out swinging with the lies, fear mongering and preying on the ignorance of those too apathetic to look for the truth for themselves. And as expected, OOIDA is headed to court.

In a “Special Report” senior editor Jami Jones writes:

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association immediately filed a petition for review with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The Association is asking the court to review the program and to “enjoin, set-aside, suspend (in whole or in part) or determine the validity of the implementation of this program.”

“Implementation of the pilot program is arbitrary, capricious and abuse of discretion and otherwise not in accordance with law,” the Association’s petition states.

Noted in the petition is a “final agency action” that occurred on June 29, well in advance of the final plan being released to the public or signed.

We imagine this lame attempt to stop this perfectly legal program will be rejected by the DC Court of Appeals as it was in 2009 by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

OOIDA is also excited by the actions of three of the Congressmen they and the TEAMSTERS have in their hip pocket.

In an earlier presser, Norita Taylor informed members of the introduction of a silly little bill titled “Protecting America’s Roads Act”.

The presser stated in part that the bipartisan bill seeks to restrict the cross-border trucking program to a pilot program that lasts no more than three years. The bill prohibits the Department of Transportation from granting operating authority that extends beyond the duration of the pilot program – which effectively ends any attempt to grant permanent operating authority to Mexican motor carriers.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Peter DeFazio along with Representatives Duncan D. Hunter, R-Calif., and Daniel Lipinski, D-Illinois and has not yet been assigned a number. Passage in the House is considered unlikely.

The bill also shifts the financial responsibility of electronic monitoring of Mexican motor carriers participating in the program back away from U.S. taxpayers and truckers.

What are the chances of this bill or PARA gaining any traction? Depends on the number of co-sponsors it gets. There is not much energy in Congress to oppose the pilot program fortunately.

But if the bill should pass, higher retaliatory tariffs are almost certain to be imposed costing even more US jobs. Strange that OOIDA and TEAMSTERS don’t address the 25,000+ jobs lost because of the tariffs, job losses brought on by their illogical opposition to the US meeting their promises and obligations.

A Mexican embassy official Karen Antebi, speaking at a June 29 event organized by the Washington International Trade Association (WITA), noted that if the US reneged on its agreement, sought to sabotage it through efforts to stop it in the Highway Appropriations Bill or similar legislation, Mexico would retain its right to retaliate, which could include increasing or changing the retaliatory duties.

Asked what Mexico would do if [the program] gets canceled again, or if it doesn’t get funded, I think most of you know the answer,” Antebi said. “We’ve reserved our right to reimpose, change, increase, [or] deepen the retaliation list.”

And if that happens, once again, OOIDA, The TEAMSTERS and their bought and paid for members of Congress will be responsible for more horrendous job losses and losses of market share to Canada and China. Let’s not allow that to happen.