Cost of the Licencia Federal de Chofores

I have received several emails recently asking what the cost of the Mexican CDL or Licencia Federal is.

The answer is $2500.00 pesos ($245.00) every two years, inclusive.

This includes the cost of testing, the cost of the requisite medical exam by a government doctor, the same type of exam given to airline pilots, railroad engineers and others in safety sensitive positions. It includes the cost of the background checks which in addition to information from the Mexican LFIS database, includes State and local clearances from law enforcement.

When you consider that here in Texas, the cost of a Class A, with all endorsements (including hazmat pre 2005) is only $65.00 I believe and the term is for 7 years, then I believe we have ourselves a deal on this side of the border.

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  • Kevin Murray

    If they can't speak English, I don't want them driving in my country.

  • You might want to read the rules Kevin as English will be and is a requirement to operate in the U.S., and according to FMCSA, it will be enforced and it will be an OOS offense.

    English is taught in Mexican schools beginning in primary school however, kids don't have much of a chance nor a desire to use it.

    Funny thing though. Everyone is concerned about the Mexicans speaking English. My spanish totally sucks yet I am able to reside, drive throughout the country and interact with the people without a problem. The same would hold true with a Mexican trucker. And keep in mind, there are thousands upon thousands of Mexicans who cross the border legally each month and drive in the United State, for vacation, business and pleasure, for shopping trips to San Antonio, Houston and Dallas and who do not speak English. They seem to have no problem at all.

  • gerardo

    kevin y tu quien eres para permitir y no permitir eres un ciudadano gobernado entonces callate o dedicate a la politica y vive de ella proibiendo leyes pero no te exibas que suenas ridiculo