Comment Spammers hit FMCSA comment section on proposed Cross Border Pilot Program

Anybody been following the comments, or lack of comments over at FMCSA concerning the proposed cross border pilot program with Mexico, that would finally allow the United States to come into compliance with our obligations under NAFTA?

For two weeks, comments languished at 50, including supporting documents posted on the site. Today, that jumped to 118. Not surprising in and of itself, except for one thing.


That’s right kiddies. The Einsteins from OOIDA and TEAMSTERS are too damned lazy to post an original thought or comment so they are using the boilerplate provided them by their masters.

Here’s the boilerplate and right off you can see the commenter’s and those directing them have not read one word of the proposal.

I am writing you to express my outrage with the Department of Transportation’s plan to go forward with its plan to open our border to unsafe Mexican trucks. Mexico simply doesn’t have the ability to guarantee that the people behind the wheel of their trucks will be safe drivers. Mexico’s standards for issuing its Commercial Drivers License are suspect. The databases of Mexican drivers’ traffic violations are inaccurate and incomplete. And let’s not forget that Mexico doesn’t have a single lab that can be certified for drug and alcohol testing. To compound the danger, law enforcement agencies in Mexico do not police hours of service for commercial drivers in Mexico. We have all heard about the massive drug war that has claimed the lives of thousands in Mexico including American law enforcement officers and civilians. Mexico’s law enforcement agencies are stretched thin as it tries to combat the drug cartels do they really have the time or incentive to enforce hours of service laws? Why are we even considering this? Until Mexico matches our safety standards for commercial drivers and we can ensure their violence and drug problems don’t follow their trucks over the border, we cannot open our country to Mexican trucks.

The comments show the laziness and the ignorance of the commenter’s as they are stuck on the same mundane and irrelevant theme. The violence in Mexico. That has not a damned thing to do with the proposal as presented and these cut and paste comments, in the end, will be taken as one, and ignored, as they were after the comment period in 2007. FMCSA made mention of that fact in their final posting in the Federal Register before commencement of the 2007 Demonstration Program. At that time, the commenter’s were all following directions of their masters and whining about drugs and illegal being transported into the US on the program trucks, something that never happened.

Keep it up TEAMSTERS and OOIDA members! You’re doing an excellent job.

Speaking of TEAMSTERS, anyone see this from one of their websites?

We understand at least a thousand Teamsters have commented, but there are 1.4 million of us!

That’s good for a chuckle! 118 comments and 1000 of them come from TEAMSTERS?

DeFazio to challenge Cross Border Trucking

We’ve heard rumblings of union puppet Peter DeFazio plans to try and defund the current Cross Border Pilot Program proposed by FMCSA as he did in 2009 and today, it was more or less confirmed by Evan Lockridge on his top of the hour news broadcast on XM-171. Lockridge confirms DeFazio has maybe two dozen (that 24 for you mathematically challenged readers) supporting his effort out of 435 in the House of Representatives. More of DeFazio’s pandering and posturing for his union master’s and grandstanding for his constituents, who wouldn’t know are Mexican truck if they saw one, much less care. We’ll see where it goes, but from our sources, we find most Senators and Congressmen are tired of the loss of jobs caused by the legal tariff’s Mexico imposed and will support the pilot program. Time will tell.