Comedian James P. Hoffa – Mexican trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways

In todays Detroit News, Teamster’s President and amateur comedian James P. Hoffa has a column titled “Mexican trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways”

As has been the case over the past 15 years that he’s been objecting to Mexican trucking, his claims have absolutely no basis in fact. Now, he continues to engage in fear mongering seeking to push all the right buttons
using current events, that have nothing to do with allowing Mexican trucks to operate in this country.

He uses the tired old debunked information about the former pilot program saying;

“The Bush administration had already tried such a program and failed. Though the Bush program cost taxpayers $500 million, U.S. officials still weren’t able to verify that all Mexican trucks were checked when they crossed the border. Hardly any Mexican trucks ended up driving beyond the border zone — about three a day.”

The truth is that the program instituted under the Bush Administration was successful until Hoffa and his minions in Congress were able to get funding pulled from the program. The claim that US officials weren’t able to verify that all Mexican trucks were checked is another out and out lie, designed to bolster his tired claims of “unsafe Mexican trucks”.

We all know that every single Mexican truck, EVERY SINGLE MEXICAN TRUCK, crossing the southern border is checked at least TWICE, before being allowed to proceed onto our highways.

Once as they clear US Customs and secondly, when they cross the Texas DPS CMV check station at the border. Additionally, CBP states that 1 in 5 Mexican trucks are selected for secondary inspection of their cargo, and all trucks can be pulled in for suspicion. Nice try Jimbo.

And by his own words, “Hardly any Mexican trucks ended up driving beyond the border zone — about three a day”,, Hoffa contradicts his claims that Mexico’s trucking companies will take American truck drivers’ jobs and depress American workers’ wages. C’mon now Jimbo! That’s stretching it a bit. We realize you’ve been around the union prima donnas who belong to your union, enough to cloud your judgment, but hey; You are telling us that America’s 4,706,857 cannot compete with 3 trucks a day from Mexico? You off your meds or something?

As we said, he attempts to use current events to make his point. The drug violence in Mexico has absolutely nothing to do with the trucking situation there. Mexican carriers, their drivers and equipment would be vetted in a manner US and Canadian trucks aren’t.

Hoffa chooses to ignore the fact the Mexican carrier owners and execs are businessmen, in the business of trucking, to try and make a profit. And not in the drug trade.

Hoffa goes on to say;

My union will fight against opening the border to Mexican trucks. We simply don’t believe U.S. taxpayers should pay to let more Mexican companies depress American workers’ wages.

If we had complied with our obligations in 2000, the cost to US taxpayers would have been minimal. But this is not what Hoffa wants you to believe. He is insinuating that US taxpayers would be picking up the expense for every facet of Mexican carrier operations. Simply not true. And Jimbo, we’ll continue to oppose you and your fear tactics until the border is opened.

I saw a comment on another website that pretty much sums it up. The commenter wrote: Hoffa, why don’t you take a break, go find your daddy, and then hang out with him for a while? A long while!

Good advice.

But if Mexican trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways, the Canadian trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways! Simple as that. Either ban them all or give the Mexicans the exact same rights as we allow the Canadians. No additional hoops to jump through. Nothing more than equal access.