Collision between Bus and Tanker Trailer kills both drivers in Puebla-Orizaba toll road

Puebla_Banda_Machos860An early morning collision between a bands tour bus and a tanker trailer left both drivers dead and the toll road between Puebla and Orizaba closed for several hours.

The collision occurred this morning at 05:15 at kilometer 125 when a tour bus belonging to the internationally known Mexican musical group Banda Machos struck the rear end of a tanker trailer carrying 5,000 liters of cooking oil. Both drivers were killed and the resulting spill caused several other vehicles to collide.

There is no word if there were any members of the popular band on board at the time of the accident.

As of now, identities of the victims have not been established. This is the second incident involving a Mexican band in the past week.

Saturday night, 10 members of the regional musical group La Reyna de Nuevo Leon were killed in a head on collision with a tractor trailer on Mexico 85 when the groups van crossed the center median.