Child Killer Shawna Forde indicted in Pima County Arizona – Death Penalty an option

60arivacainvasionShawna Forde, 41, Albert Robert Gaxiola, 42, and Jason Eugene Bush, 34, have been indicted by a Pima County Arizona on two counts each of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder, as well as burglary, aggravated assault and robbery charges in the home invasion and murder of Raul and Bresenia Flores, and the attempted murder of the mother, Gina Marie Gonzalez.

The arraignment is scheduled for June 29 in Pima County Superior Court, Tucson Arizona.

Rick Unklesbay, chief trial counsel for the Pima County Attorney’s Office, said prosecutors have until 60 days after the arraignment to announce if they intend to seek the death penalty. Other than that, the DA declined further comment on the case.

Forde’s family members have said that Forde told her brother and her mother earlier this year that she planned to start attacking drug traffickers on the Arizona-Mexico border and robbing them. Forde, a Washington state resident, was allegedly going to use the proceeds to fund a group called Minutemen American Defense, an anti-illegal immigration and drug trafficking organization.

The shooter in the gang, Jason Eugene Bush, is scheduled to appear in Pima County Superior Court this afternoon for an extradition hearing.

Bush, another member of the Minutemen American Defense, was charged June 12 in the 1997 stabbing death of a sleeping, homeless Hispanic man in Wenatchee, Wash.

Whoa Clyde! Hold on here! An extradition hearing to face a charge of second degree murder in another state while under indictment for multiple counts of first degree murder in Arizona? Surely they jest!

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