“Channel 19” Trucking Radio Network with Bubba Bo

Eric Boulanger aka Bubba Boo BooBoy howdy! It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of people in a position to help others who insist on pushing their xenophobic agenda for their own satisfaction.

We’re sitting in Gulfport Mississippi this evening, bored and listening to Eric “Bubba Bo” Boulanger on the what Bubba Bo refers to as “Channel 19 Trucking Radio”, aptly named for all the bullshit Bubba Bo has been spewing the past few nights.

“Channel 19 Trucking Radio” formerly known as America’s Trucking Network is an overnight talk show aimed at truckers, which allows a handful of regular callers to come on air each night and tell the hosts how great they are. They can be heard on SiriusXm Channel 166 from midnight to 0500 7 days a week from their home stations, 700WLW in Cincinnati Ohio.

Take this evening for instance. He tries to guide the show discreetly onto the Mexican truck issue by telling his handful of listeners, incorrectly, that the program has been in effect for 18 months with little participation.

But people like Bubba Bo, cannot stand to have their opinions challenged with the fact, and when his error is pointed out, instead of responding in a civil and decent manner, Bubba Bo, responds with name calling and more evidence of his ignorance and stupidity of the facts.

Well , once again you’ve made
the mistake of thinking anyone cares
what you think. We all know you’ve got
a Mexican wife and have a home in
Juarez and make money designing websites
for Mexican whorehouses south of
Brownsville. We all know you’re a worthless
cheeseball. Go away, little boy. Flick!

Hoe intelligent is that? Probably picking his nose as he wrote this missive. But then, Bubba Bo being from Kentucky and all that suggests, I’m not surprised.

Is it jealousy? I certainly do have a beautiful, educated and extremely faithful Mexican wife that I am extremely proud of. So what? Better to be married to a Mexican woman than your step sister.

Matter of fact I do have a home in Cd Juarez, in addition to the one in Nuevo Laredo, and the Cumbres section of Monterrey Mexico. So what? And we have running water and indoor plumbing in all of them.

Whorehouses south of Brownsville? They don’t exist! Bubba Bo probably remembers the old Matamoros Boystown of his misspent youth which is nothing more than a memory, and maybe a crotch itch on occasion.

Just goes to show you how much people seem to know about the power behind Mexico Trucker. It proves that certain segments of the population cannot and will not consider anything that goes contrary to their opinion.

But you know? 257,000 visitors to this site seem to care what the truth and the facts are, all well documented on this site. Editors, writers and authors use this site and it’s resources in researching the subject. More than 42,000 translated page hits have been recorded which shows the interest is international

I just did an impromptu CB radio poll with two questions.

1. How many listen to Bubba Bo and Channel 19 Trucking Radio. and

2. What is your opinion of the Cross Border Program and Dorgan’s amendment.

The response to question number one got a strong response. All negative. The nicest being “Who listens to those know nothings on that program” From there, the comments got more graphic.

Responding to question number two, the overwhelming opinion was, “Who cares! It is not important to me”

Of course, the 15 or 20 callers permitted on the Channel 19 Trucking Radio Show would disagree. But then if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be heard on the program.

Bubba Bo, sponsored by Idlebuster, is a monumental waste of ones intellect to listen to.