Caught again – Osvaldo Aldrete Davila

FEDERAL ATTORNEY’S STATEMENT of the arrest of Aldrete-Davila

Ok, they got him, and he is facing 5 to 40 years in a Federal lockup! enough said. The upcoming proceedings should bear out what Johnny Sutton has been saying about his desire to prosecute this man. Before, Convict’s Ramos and Campeon’s action in lying, destroying evidence and falsifying reports, made it impossible for the government to proceed with a case against this assklown. Now they have him dead to rights.

Make no mistake. This has no bearing on the deposition of the appeals of Convicted Felons Ramos and Campeon. Aldrete Davila was only one player in the drams. Ramos and Campeon’s own action and statement caused their conviction by a jury of their peers in a Court that is very LE friendly.

While I disagree with the severity of the sentence, guidelines must be followed as established by Congress.

If Ramos didn’t have a rich daddy-in-law to keep this in your face, it would be a non issue.

But Ramos and Campeon are nobodies heroes. They are common convicted felons. While they may deserve a slight adjustment to sentence, they do not deserve a pardon from the President nor do they deserve reinstatement to the ‘Border Patrol.

And that is enough of that!!!