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Organizers of “Ride for the Constitution” seeking deniability for missing funds, all point the finger at Pete Santilli

The organizers of “Truckers to Shutdown America” later to be known as “Ride for the Constitution” seem to have been caught with their fingers in the donations cookie jar and now are scrambling for cover and pointing the finger at internet radio host Pete Santilli as the one responsible for what is alleged to be

Petition Demands USDOJ Investigate and Prosecute Leaders of Ride for the Constitution for Theft, Fraud and other crimes

A petition has been established asking the United State Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute those involved in organizing and soliciting donations for this past weekends “Ride For The Constitution” originally known as “Truckers to Shutdown America”. The petition demands that the USDOJ investigate and prosecute the non trucking founders of the groups, Pete

Trucker Anarchists release First Manifesto in attempt to “Shutdown America”.

In our continuing coverage of the anarchists who call themselves TRUCKERS TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA I’m posting their first manifesto for my followers and readers to digest and realize that real professional truckers of America want nothing to do with this agenda driven drivel. As you’ll read through this, you’ll see conspiracy theories brought forth

[Updated] Proposed Truckers Strike could destroy the already tarnished image of the American Trucker

Some malcontents within the trucking community are at it again. Calling for a nationwide truckers strike for three days in October. What are the issues behind the strike? Hours of Service Regulations? Speed Limiters, E-Log mandates, certified Medical Examiners? None of those issue seem to matter. According to Jami Jones, managing editor of LandLineMag. The agenda of

Three Ex-Executives of USA Dry Van Trucking Company Charged in Alleged $26 Million Fraud Scheme – 2 Agree to Plea Deal

Sergio Lagos, 44, Aurelio “Jim” Aleman, 59, and Oscar Barbosa, 50, have been arrested following the return of a six-count federal indictment charging wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, announced United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson. The sealed indictment, returned August 27, 2013, was unsealed following the arrest of the McAllen residents today. They

CANACAR prepares to demand compensation for US Non-Compliance with NAFTA Trucking Provisions

Interesting, but not unsurprising news coming out of Mexico this week as T21mx, an industry trade magazine is reporting that CANACAR is vigorously pursuing ratification of it’s 2009 arbitration action against the United States for it’s willful non compliance with the trucking provisions of NAFTA. The lawsuit seeks compensation for all Mexican carriers who have

Cross Border Pilot Program with Canada has U.S. wanting exemption from Canadian law for cross-border officers

Ya’ll have heard of Canada haven’t you? That country to the north of us that under NAFTA we allow more than 30,000 of their trucks to cross into the United States freely, many times driven by so-called “New Canadians”, which is a term for immigrants from middle eastern countries? A new cross border pilot program

OOIDA follows TEAMSTERS lead in asking for rehearing of their lawsuit against Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program

It wasn’t totally unexpected following the announcement that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has filed an appeal with the D.C. Court of Appeals for an “en banc” hearing of their lawsuit against Mexican trucks, that OOIDA would step up to once again use the US Court system in a frivolous manner. That’s right boys and

Teamsters & Sierra Club ask D.C. Court of Appeals for “En Banc” hearing on failed Mexican truck lawsuit

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters along with the Sierra Club today asked for a “En Banc” hearing on its challenge to the Department of Transportation’s cross-border trucking program with Mexico. An “En Banc” hearing is a request for a hearing before the full Court. A three judge panel in April denied the Teamsters and OOIDA’s

Will OOIDA appeal the decision confirming the legality of the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico?

Two weeks after the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters attempt to put an end to the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico, rejecting all of their claims against the program, the question on many peoples minds is will they appeal

Obama to name Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx to replace Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood

Bowing to pressure from members of the Congressional Black Caucus over President Obama’s “lack of diversity” in his first round of cabinet picks following his re-election, Obama is set to announce the nomination of Charlotte N.C. Mayor Anthony Foxx as his pick to replace outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood. If confirmed by the Senate, Foxx