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Cross Border Pilot Program with Canada has U.S. wanting exemption from Canadian law for cross-border officers

Ya’ll have heard of Canada haven’t you? That country to the north of us that under NAFTA we allow more than 30,000 of their trucks to cross into the United States freely, many times driven by so-called “New Canadians”, which is a term for immigrants from middle eastern countries? A new cross border pilot program

DOJ Report debunks the myth that Mexican trucks are the main conveyance for illegal drugs

The U.S. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center has released its National Drug Threat Assessment 2011 and to the consternation of many who have made the claim that Mexican trucks are the main conveyances with which drugs enter the US, pretty much debunks this idea. And as usual, we can count on Charlie Morasch, a

OOIDA stooge Peter DeFazio wants to renegotiate NAFTA, but only for Mexican trucks

On the first anniversary of the shutdown of the Cross Border Trucking program with Mexico, the job losses are mounting for American workers as American business’s continue to lose market share from the LEGAL tariff’s Mexico instituted in retaliation for our failure to comply with our obligations under NAFTA. 57 members of Congress in addition

Wall of Shame

Local landowners and politicians say they are being ignored by officials in Washington with regards to the proposed construction of a border fence – again.Tuesday, the White House announced President Bush was threatening to veto a House homeland security bill that mandated considering local input on the construction of the proposed fence along the U.S.-Mexico