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Why Hillary Clinton was not charged – An Analysis of the Law

James Comey performed a disservice to this country yesterday. He departed from standard practice to give a political diatribe against Hillary Clinton, apparently because he could not find any criminal action on her part. He conflated administrative requirements and best practices with potential criminal activity, without clarifying when he was speaking of which requirements. He

In the minds of wingnut Conservative, President Obama is….

The wrong color coupled with the wrong tribe. If he were more in the Stepin Fetchit School of Black Republicans (Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West), there wouldn’t be an issue. Otherwise, he’s the permanent “other”, a cosmopolitan who is sophisticated, rational, and skeptical. Race, of course, interweaves with America’s original sin, which

Investigation and Video Evidence Suggest Imprisoned Marine DID NOT Enter Mexico in Error

Former Marine Andrew Paul Tahmooressi did not enter Mexico by mistake, according to an article published Friday in the Tijuana newspaper ZETATIJUANA. Information obtained from a surveillance camera video showing Tahmooressi’s entrance into Mexico and investigations done on both sides of the border have led to this conclusion which is included in the investigative package

20 Years after signing of NAFTA, United States still refuses to comply with trucking provisions

20 years after Mexico, Canada and the United States signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the folly of the United States failure to fully comply with the trucking provisions of NAFTA as they apply to Mexico is increasing tensions between the two countries. A few days ago, the consulting firm Standard & Poor’s released a study

Trucker Anarchists release First Manifesto in attempt to “Shutdown America”.

In our continuing coverage of the anarchists who call themselves TRUCKERS TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA I’m posting their first manifesto for my followers and readers to digest and realize that real professional truckers of America want nothing to do with this agenda driven drivel. As you’ll read through this, you’ll see conspiracy theories brought forth

Obama to name Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx to replace Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood

Bowing to pressure from members of the Congressional Black Caucus over President Obama’s “lack of diversity” in his first round of cabinet picks following his re-election, Obama is set to announce the nomination of Charlotte N.C. Mayor Anthony Foxx as his pick to replace outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood. If confirmed by the Senate, Foxx

U.S. should keep Mexican tomato agreement and ignore election year demands from Florida growers

Some groups never tire of seeking protection. One special interest with its hand perpetually out is the group led by Florida tomato growers. For decades they have been trying to stop tomatoes from Mexico from competing with them in the U.S. market. Never mind that Mexican tomatoes, because they are ripened in the field or

Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program officially underway as first Mexican truck arrives at Laredo

An editorial caught me eye this morning, on this day that the first Mexican carrier to be granted authority to operate beyond the commercial zone enters the U.S. It reads in part; When a nation signs and ratifies a treaty with another, it is in effect a contract between those countries. And when one country

Rep. Peter DeFazio follows OOIDA’s lead with letter “DEMANDING” answers

Rep. Peter DeFazio, following OOIDA President Jim Johnston’s example sent a letter to FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro demanding she address his bogus concerns about the safety of Mexican trucks on U.S. roads. But this isn’t about this vile little man’s irrelevant letter to Ms Ferro. It’s to be expected. Despite the fact DeFazio was elected

Cross Border Agreement signed. OOIDA already in Court – Higher Tariffs possible as a result

It didn’t take long after today’s announcement of the official signing of the Cross Border Pilot Program agreement in Mexico City for opponents to come out swinging with the lies, fear mongering and preying on the ignorance of those too apathetic to look for the truth for themselves. And as expected, OOIDA is headed to

Teamsters President James P. Hoffa releases self serving and totally inaccurate statement on Cross Border Trucking with Mexico

Teamsters President James P. Hoffa, himself in hot water after caught using his position to offer union jobs, salaries, and pensions to bribe people for political support, released a “presser” giving his totally irrelevant and patently untrue rant in opposition to the upcoming cross border pilot program with Mexico. THE PUBLIC OPPOSES ILLEGAL, UNSAFE MEXICAN

FMCSA denies TEAMSTERS request for comment period extension on Cross Border Trucking proposal

Taking a page from his 2007 playbook, to delay and further mislead the public, James P. Hoffa on asked FMCSA head Ann Ferro to extend the comment period for FMCSA-2007-0097 another 30 days, citing 30 days to comment just isn’t enough time. Ferro denied the request, sending Hoffa into another juvenile temper tantrum. “Thirty days

Bi-partisian gang of lawmakers to “DEMAND” end to Mexican cross border proposal

It never ends. Citing bogus concerns over safety, security and cost, a bipartisan gang Congressmen, bought and paid for with Teamster funds is demanding that the federal Department of Transportation cancel plans to re-introduce a cross-border trucking program with Mexico. Taking the lead with a letter on 4/4/2011, Rep. Duncan Hunter (D-CA) along with Rep. Daniel Lipinski,

Hoffa: Plan to Open Border to Unsafe Mexican Trucks Is Reckless

As expected, James P. Hoffa came out with the expected denouncement of FMCSA’s announced Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico late this after noon, and Hoffa didn’t disappoint using his tired worn out mantra of “unsafe” Mexican trucks to lead off his rant. And, as expected, he is using the targeted violence in Mexico as

CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin says cross-border trucking will be secure

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan Bersin expressed strong confidence Wednesday in San Diego at a seminar to mark the 10th anniversary of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, most commonly known by its acronym C-TPAT, that Mexican trucks and the Mexican trucking program will be secure and successful. C-TPAT was started after the 9/11 terrorist

DeFazio caves on Mexican Truck issue – Could be implemented in 6 months or less

Consider the source before you get all excited, but the right wing moonbattery website WORLD NET DAILY is reporting that Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), a staunch opponent of allowing Mexican trucks access to the United States, has apparently seen the light and knows that further opposition to the inevitable is fruitless.

Comedian James P. Hoffa – Mexican trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways

In todays Detroit News, Teamster’s President and amateur comedian James P. Hoffa has a column titled “Mexican trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways” As has been the case over the past 15 years that he’s been objecting to Mexican trucking, his claims have absolutely no basis in fact. Now, he continues to engage in fear

Mexico agrees to stop “rotation” of tariff’s but will not lift them until agreement is reached

MEXICO CITY – Mexico will maintain punitive tariffs on 99 U.S. products but will not add any more goods or change the list pending negotiations over a new program to allow Mexican cargo trucks on U.S. roads, the government announced Monday. Economy Secretary Bruno Ferrari said the move is a show of goodwill as the