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It’s official! Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has solved the problem of violence in Mexico

Mexican President Erique Pena Nieto said he would do it. Sending troops back to their barracks and turning prosecution of the wars between criminal organizations over to local, State and Federal Police forces and in his first 100 days, well, the soldiers are still on the streets, ( as they should be) but you won’t

Violence in Reynosa enters second week – Monclova Coahuila in cartel cross hairs now – Video/Photos

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s the violence in Reynosa Tamaulipas enters it second week with no respire, brought on by conflicts within various factions of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) and new wave of violence broke out in the neighboring state of Coahuila. Residents of Monclova Coahuila awoke this morning to blockades, gunfire and explosions as organized crime groups battled

[UPDATED] Heriberto “El Lazca”Lazcano, founder and leader of Los Zetas confirmed killed by Mexican Marines

[Mexico’s Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) is reporting that Heriberto Lazcano, founder and leader of Los Zetas has been killed in a firefight in the city of Sabinas Coahuila on Sunday afternoon. The navy said there was strong evidence the body of one of two men killed in the shootout was Lazcano, known as “El

Arrests made in Cadereyta Mother’s Day massacre that left 49 dead but questions remain with few answers

May 17, 2012 Troops assigned to the Mexican 7th Military Zone detained eight unidentified individuals they said were Gulf Cartel operatives and who may have been involved in the murder of at least 49 people in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon state The arrests took place following a raid in the China municipality, where solders also seized

Attack on Monterrey casino leaves 63 dead and is an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM

The attack on a popular Monterrey casino yesterday afternoon that left 63 people dead and dozens more injured, mostly women, has elevated the narco violence into Mexico into a de facto act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM and the response to this cowardly attack against innocent civilians should be treated as such. A $30 million peso reward

Drug War a Failure in U.S., Mexico

EL PASO, Texas – Academics, journalists and officials said at a conference here that the war on drugs has been a failure in both the United States and Mexico, and that the wave of violence has forced many Mexicans to flee their country and silenced journalists. “Organized crime has Mexican society on the border very

Mexico identifies 12 slain as federal agents

MORELIA, Mexico (AP)— Twelve people tortured and killed in a cartel-plagued Mexican state were federal agents investigating organized crime, the government said Tuesday, marking one of the boldest attacks on federal forces since President Felipe Calderon launched his war on drugs. Mexico’s national security spokesman, Monte Alejandro Rubido, said the 11 men and one woman

Mexico arrests cartel leader in Monterrey

Mexican soldiers arrested 13 alleged drug cartel members, including one man who had just arrived on a private plane to take over trafficking operations in the northern city of Monterrey, the Defense Department said. Acting on a tip, soldiers arrested Rodolfo Lopez and several others Monday after they landed at Monterrey’s international airport, the department

CSI – Cd. Juarez

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Death froze his exhausted face. The attackers lashed or punctured nearly every part of his body. Then they cut off the dead man’s head, wrapped it in a plastic grocery bag and dumped it with his body between two tractor-trailers on a city street. As with most murders in Ciudad Juarez,