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DOJ Report debunks the myth that Mexican trucks are the main conveyance for illegal drugs

The U.S. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center has released its National Drug Threat Assessment 2011 and to the consternation of many who have made the claim that Mexican trucks are the main conveyances with which drugs enter the US, pretty much debunks this idea. And as usual, we can count on Charlie Morasch, a

Opponents of Cross Border Trucking turn to recognized “hate groups” for support.

“We’re as close as you can be,” Mexican Economy Minister Bruno Ferrari  said yesterday, confirming that  his country is preparing to sign the formal Cross Border Trucking agreement to end the trucking dispute with the U.S. as early as this month, setting the stage for the country to remove the punitive tariffs that have cost 25,000

Opposition to cross border program less than expected, but just as nasty

Friday, the FMCSA RELEASED CROSS-BORDER TRUCKING PILOT DETAILS and the reaction was basically “so what’s new?” except amongst the usual suspects who object to anything concerning Mexico. OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer released his usual whining rant making baseless allegations they’ve never been able to document nor prove ATA President Bill Graves issued a

Opposing Mexican Trucking program with lies is irresponsible

Todd Spencer, Executive Vice President of OOIDA preaches that complying with our NAFTA obligations is "irresponsible and reckless". What is more "irresponsible and reckless" is the opposition attempting to inflame the publics passions and prejudices with lies and misinformation about Mexico and it's trucking industry.

OOIDA members use racist extremist websites to oppose Mexican trucks

After President Obama and Mexican President Calderon announced Thursday a working agreement on allowing Mexican trucks access to American highways after almost 20 years of the US violating it’s obligation under NAFTA, the airwaves and internet are alive with renewed debate as talkers and opposition groups feed on the unfounded paranoia of the American trucker.

Mexico, US find no al-Qaida links since 9/11

Hey people! We all know how the right wing loony toons have been using the terror/fear card to convince Americans of all the “terrorists” crossing the southern border and using that as an excuse to promote their nativist agenda. Some have made a reputation trying to get you to believe it is a Family Security