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Supporters of US Trucker Jabin Bogan ignore the facts, to try case in court of public opinion

Supporters of US trucker Jabin Bogan, imprisoned in Mexico and charged with illegally introducing prohibited ammunition into the country continue to ignore the facts surrounding the case while spinning a story they hope will hit home in the court of public opinion. Most of us who are real professional truckers, cannot comprehend how Bogan, a

Support growing for US trucker arrested for smuggling ammo into Mexico and for all the wrong reasons

Support for the US trucker arrested for smuggling military grade ammunition into Mexico on April 19 is growing and for all the wrong reasons. Jabin Bogan, a driver for Demco Express in Arlington Texas, supposedly made a “wrong turn” and found himself in Mexico where the 9 pallets of military grade ammo was discovered among

Tracking US Trucker Jabin Bogan’s El Paso Odyssey show impossibility of entering Mexico “accidentally”

Mexico Trucker Online has learned where the locations and route of Jabin Bogan’s deliveries in El Paso where he claims to have accidentally and inadvertently entered Mexico with 9 pallets of prohibited military grade ammo. Bogan was immediately arrested by Mexican authorities for importing illegal munitions into Mexico and yesterday was formally charged. Bogan’s first

US Trucker who smuggled ammunition into Mexico, formally charged. Has 30 days to appeal indictment

Jabin Bogan, the driver for DEMCO Transportation, who was caught with 268,000 rounds of military grade ammunition when he “inadvertantly” crossed into Mexico from El Paso, has been formally charged with violating Mexico’s uber strict gun laws. Bogan was charged yesterday with importing ammunition exclusive to the Mexican military, a crime that could put him

Murder of 15 year old by Border Patrol could have profound effect on US Truckers case

The outcome of the case against the US trucker charged with smuggling 268,000 rounds of ammunition into Mexico last week could be further complicated by the conclusions of an investigationreleased by the US Department of Justice on Friday. On June 7, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mara Jr, according to witnesses and video, without provocation

US trucker caught with illegal ammunition will be charged according to US Embassy

U.S. embassy officials in Mexico say the Mexican government is charging the Jabin Bogen Akeem, the trucker arrested last week with 268,000 bullets in Ciudad Juarez with smuggling military ammunition. This is the more severe of the two possible charges available to prosecutors. An embassy statement Thursday says 27-year-old trucker is confined to the Villa

Texas DPS Weigh/Inspection station set to open in summer 2012

OOIDA finally got something at least “half-right” concerning the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program when they said in a recent comment; FMCSA intends to give special treatment to Mexico–domiciled motor carriers under the proposed pilot program, not ‘national treatment’ as required under NAFTA. The Texas Department of Public Safety is set to put into service

Gunboats on the Rio Grande – The $4.14 million dollar response to politicians hysteria

Hey Texas! What do you think about the latest waste of your hard earned taxpayer dollars? The $4.14 million dollar boondoggle! Gov. “Slick” Rick Perry’s Texas Highway Patrol just received their first-of-six armored “Shallow Water Interceptor” gunboat. Why does the Texas Highway Patrol all of a sudden need a fleet of armed-to-the-gills gunboats? For the

Re-certification of public bus and taxi drivers in Nuevo Laredo includes drug, skills testing.

NUEVO LAREDO .- Eduardo Cuellar Bridges, deputy representative of public transport in Nuevo Laredo, said that there have been 300 drug tests administered under a new anti doping regimen and so far only one operator tested positive out of a total of 6,900 public service operators who drive city buses, taxis and other public conveyances.

DOJ Report debunks the myth that Mexican trucks are the main conveyance for illegal drugs

The U.S. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center has released its National Drug Threat Assessment 2011 and to the consternation of many who have made the claim that Mexican trucks are the main conveyances with which drugs enter the US, pretty much debunks this idea. And as usual, we can count on Charlie Morasch, a

1 million truck violations cited at border crossing? The rest of the story

The rest of the story emerges about the El Paso times story we wrote about earlier this week, concerning the thousands of violations reported by Texas DPS inspectors at two commercial crossings in El Paso Texas. While we have some concerns about the number of violations reported over 4.5 years, the Times story claims 1.2

US – Mexico Joint effort targets border crime

In a politically sensitive operation at the Arizona- Mexico border, U.S. Border Patrol agents and Mexican federal police officers are training together, sharing intelligence and coordinating patrols for the first time. The goal of the historic partnership: a systematic joint attack on northbound flows of drugs and migrants, and southbound shipments of guns and cash.