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DPS Director Steve McCraw ” Not Apologetic” for the murder of Guatemalan migrants by DPS sniper

BREAKING – HIDALGO GRAND JURY TO INVESTIGATE THIS CASE ACCORDING TO HIDALGO DISTRICT ATTORNEY RENE GUERRA Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw is distancing himself from the murder of two Guatemalan immigrant by snipers firing from a DPS helicopter last Friday, referring questions to the departments press officer, but in an interview this

Another senseless murder of unarmed teen – shot in back 7 times by US Border Patrol

Once again, with blatant disregard for a human life, human rights or an allied nations sovereignty, US Border Patrol agents have murdered a Mexican teenager in another cross border shooting. The agents in Nogales, Ariz., had responded to reports of two suspected drugs smugglers near the border at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. The agents watched

Collision between big rig – pickup truck leave 16 dead in northern Mexico – Graphic Photos/Video

A head-on collision between a big rig belonging to Fletes Mexico and a pickup truck Saturday night in the municipality of Matamoros Coahuila has claimed the lives of 16 people, including 10 women, two infants, a five year old girl and three men. The pickup truck, with 12 in the bed and 4 in the

US Trucker Jabin Akeem Bogan’s “mistaken entry” into Mexico questioned once again.

Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan, the US trucker from Dallas, arrested in April when he “mistakenly” crossed the US border into Mexico with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition, has maintained through his attorney and his mommy, that it was all a horrendous mistake. The result of “bad information” from a uniformed officer on the

Murder of Mexican citizen by US Border Patrol in Laredo, quickly escalating into international incident

A Mexican citizen, enjoying a quiet afternoon with his wife and two young daughters in a riverside park, was murdered by agents assigned to a US Border Patrol Marine unit. On September 3, 2012, Guillermo Arevalo Pedraza, 36, a bricklayer by trade, had taken his wife and two young daughters to Viveros park on the

UPDATE – Attempted murder of Mexican trucker by US Border Patrol agent Abel Canales – Plea Agreement reached

Earlier this year, we reported on the story of the attempted murder of Mexican trucker by US Border Patrol agent Abel Canales and how, like most Border Patrol agents who murder, or attempt to murder migrants in either country, Abel Canales was not charged for his crimes. Instead, about a month later, he was indicted

Charges against Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan reduced by Mexican Appeals Court Judge in Cd. Juarez

Mexican Federal Magistrate Víctor Manuel Flores Jiménez, this morning, announced his decision to reduce the charges against Jabin Akeem Bogan from smuggling to simple possession of ammunition, a move sought by Bogan’s Mexican defense attorney, Emilio de la Rosa. On April 17, Bogan was caught with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition in his trailer

New Mexico MTO officer suffers heart attack responding to semi-crash on I-10

New Mexico Motor Transportation Officer Robert Potter,suffered a heart attack while responding to a commercial vehicle accident Wednesday, later passed away at a local area hospital. Potter, 41, suffered a heart attack after he responded to an accident involving two semi-truck trailers on Interstate 10 at the Vado exit, that left watermelons and chile peppers

BREAKING – Judge expected to announce decision in case of Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan today in Cd. Juarez

We’re getting information that the Judge hearing the case of Dallas trucker Jabin Akeem Bogan, who was caught in April with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition in Cd. Juarez, will announce his decision this morning, Monday, August 20, 2012. The information comes from his mother, Aletha Smith, who is not the most reliable of

Shortage of truck drivers being felt in Mexico as well as the United States

Victor Galindo Moreno, Neuvo Laredo Director of Federal Auto Transport Mexico (SCT), said in an interview Tuesday that drivers to haul cross border freight (conductores transfronterizos or “transfer drivers) as well as truckers to haul freight throughout Mexico are in high demand by Mexican carriers at this time. And it is not only a demand

TRAGEDY IN SAN FERNANDO – Truck, bus collide killing 6 injuring 19 on Matamoros to Tampico Highway

A collision between a tractor trailer pulling doubles and an interstate bus owned by TRANSPAIS collided this afternoon in San Fernando Tamaulipas killing 6 and injuring 19. Initial reports from State and Federal Police and units of the Mexican military indicate the northbound double trailer rig crossed the center line and was struck head on

El Paso City Council approves resolution asking for release of US trucker Jabin Bogan

The El Paso City Council voted unanimously on a resolution by District 4 council member Carl Robinson, asking for the humanitarian release of Jabin Akeem Bogan who remains incarcerated after being caught with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunitiion on his trailer after he supposedly entered Mexico by mistake. The resolution requests “a vigorous review

Arizona “Merchant of Death” back in business after ammo seized by Mexican customs officials

Everybody can breath easier now. It seems Howie Glaser, owner of United Nations Ammo Co and consignee of the 268,000 rounds of NATO grade “sporting ammunition” seized by Mexico got himself a new shipment. On his website this morning, Glaser advertises; Finally to arrive by Wednesday 7.62X51 (308) Ammunition Non Corrosive Nato Cross Portuguese Linked

Credibility of Jabin Bogan & supporters in doubt as evidence emerges to counter claims of “honest mistake”

Today marks the 40th day since Demco Express driver Jabin Bogan of Dallas, entered Mexico with 268,000 rounds of prohibited military grade ammunition and was arrested and detained by Mexican authorities. We didn’t have much of an interest in this story until a couple of days after the event, when “supporters” of Bogan, for their

Arrests made in Cadereyta Mother’s Day massacre that left 49 dead but questions remain with few answers

May 17, 2012 Troops assigned to the Mexican 7th Military Zone detained eight unidentified individuals they said were Gulf Cartel operatives and who may have been involved in the murder of at least 49 people in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon state The arrests took place following a raid in the China municipality, where solders also seized