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Border Patrol Finds 23 Undocumented Migrants, 200 pounds of Drugs in El Paso Texas

The Driver, Comothial Harper of Bainbridge Georgia had made earlier successful smuggling runs Federal agents found 23 migrants and more than 200 pounds of marijuana hidden in a semitrailer just outside of the El Paso city limits, officials said. Homeland Security Investigations agents assigned to the El Paso Border Enforcement Security Task Force pulled over the

U.S. Border Patrol agent’s cold blooded murder of Mexican teenager heads to Supreme Court

MONTERREY NL – The case of 15-year-old Sergio Hernandez Guerra who was murdered by Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa Jr in 2010 heads to the Supreme Court, as justices consider the case of questioning whether a foreign national, murdered on their own soil has certain Constitutional protections. In a fight that pits the Mexican government

21 Dead, dozens injured in Bus/Train Collision in Anáhuac Coahuilla – GRAPHIC IMAGES – Updated

A bus driver trying to beat a Kansas City Southern freight collided with the train yesterday resulting in 21 deaths including two children and 26 others injured. The bus owned by Transportes Frontera #4146,, part of Grupo Estrella Blanca was driven by Jesús Carlos Fernández Rico, 39 who was transported by ambulance to a hospital in

Andrew Tahmooressi’s Defense Team – Drunk and disorderly in Tijuana – Assaults Mexican News Reporter

TIJUANA.- On July 9th, after 101 days incarcerated in a Mexican prison, U.S. Marine reservist Andrew Tahmooressi, with his mother Jill and two defense attorneys in tow, finally appeared in court before a Tijuana federal judge. This was his his first evidentiary hearing since crossing the U.S. border on March 31st with his truck laden

Third times the charm as Andrew Tahmooressi’s mother hooks son up with “Mob” lawyer

For the third time in as many weeks, Andrew Tahmooressi has a new lawyer, with his mommies approval of course. News this afternoon that Jill Tahmooressi has hired the Mexican attorney who was able to get charges dropped against former Tijuana mayor Hank Rhon when police arrested Rhon on weapons charges for having more than

Arms Pipeline to Sinaloa Cartel – US Border Patrol smuggled weapons for “El Chapo” Guzman

Today on the front page of El Universal, the declaration of a protected witness in the federal (PGR) case against El Chapo Guzman says that the US Border Patrol escorted trucks of weapons to the border, abandoned the vehicles and assisted members of the Sinaloa Cartel who then took the guns into Mexico. The declarations come

Judicial Process versus Media Spin – Debunking Media’s Coverage of Andrew Tahmooressi

  On May 28, 2014, former U.S. marine Andrew Tahmooressi appeared in a Tijuana courtroom where he was to give a statement of evidence in the hearing concerning his entrance into Mexico on March 31, 2014 with three weapons, including an assault rifle, in his pick-up truck.    The twenty-five-year-old has maintained that he missed the last

What else is Marine Andrew Tahmooresi Hiding as New Details and Contradictions Emerge

In the story we posted Monday that reported  irregularities in imprisoned Marine veteran Andrew Tahmooresi claims of innocence when he crossed the Mexican border at San Ysidro with prohibited weapons and over 400 rounds of ammunition, the San Diego Union Tribune did a follow up with even more information concerning the contradictions in Tahmooresi’s story. On Tuesday,

Investigation and Video Evidence Suggest Imprisoned Marine DID NOT Enter Mexico in Error

Former Marine Andrew Paul Tahmooressi did not enter Mexico by mistake, according to an article published Friday in the Tijuana newspaper ZETATIJUANA. Information obtained from a surveillance camera video showing Tahmooressi’s entrance into Mexico and investigations done on both sides of the border have led to this conclusion which is included in the investigative package

U.S. Marine Reservist jailed in Mexico for Weapons Violation – “I didn’t mean to do it!”

Here we go again. Another  U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico for crossing the border with weapons in his vehicle. His excuse? In an interview Sunday with the San Diego Union Tribune,  Marine Reserve Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, 25, an active Marine reservist who served two combat tours in Afghanistan said he was going to meet friends in the

Good weekend for Federal Police in Mexico with pot seizures totaling 45 tons

Nearly 40 tons of marijuana was found by during a combined operation by units  of the Municipal Police and the Mexican Army in a warehouse in Tijuana B.C. . This was disclosed after the Federal Public Ministry staged the raid yesterday afternoon. Officials speaking on condition of anonymity said  that more than 39 tons were seized from within this

Texas DPS & Border Truckers Butt Heads over Border Inspections and Other Issues

With improvements at the Port of Brownsville forthcoming and investments into the county’s International Bridge System setting the stage for growth, the trucking industry has weighed heavily on the minds of business-savvy officials throughout Cameron County as of late. Increasing freight and truck traffic at the bridges is a great way to pad the county’s

57 People Linked to Drug Trafficking Organizations that Smuggled Narcotics from Mexico in PVC Pipes Charged in Federal Court

A federal drug task force today arrested 18 people linked to three drug trafficking organizations that smuggled narcotics from Mexico in PVC pipes typically hidden in the axles of commercial trucks that ended up at truck yards located in South Los Angeles and southern Los Angeles County. The 18 defendants arrested this morning are among

Cross Border Pilot Program with Canada has U.S. wanting exemption from Canadian law for cross-border officers

Ya’ll have heard of Canada haven’t you? That country to the north of us that under NAFTA we allow more than 30,000 of their trucks to cross into the United States freely, many times driven by so-called “New Canadians”, which is a term for immigrants from middle eastern countries? A new cross border pilot program

Banda La Reyna de Nuevo Leon – 10 killed, 5 injured in head on collision with big rig in northern Mexico

At least 10 members of the band La Reyna de Nuevo Leon were killed and 5 others injured this morning when the van the group was traveling in sideswiped a southbound semi, crossed the median and collided head on with a northbound semi truck. The band was returning to Monterrey after playing a gig Saturday