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In the minds of wingnut Conservative, President Obama is….

The wrong color coupled with the wrong tribe. If he were more in the Stepin Fetchit School of Black Republicans (Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West), there wouldn’t be an issue. Otherwise, he’s the permanent “other”, a cosmopolitan who is sophisticated, rational, and skeptical. Race, of course, interweaves with America’s original sin, which

Mexico’s President Elect Enrique Pena Nieto speaks on Mexico’s next chapter

More political rhetoric? Pandering to his detractors or simply an honest assessment of his goals as Mexico’s next President? Mexico’s President elect, Enrique Pena Nieto submitted this op-ed piece to the New York Times this morning. On Sunday, Mexicans turned out in large numbers to vote for change — a change in priorities and approach,

Editorial – Roadblock to free trade – It’s time to comply with NAFTA and open U.S. highways to Mexican trucks

Nearly 20 years after President Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, a key provision that grants Mexican trucks access to U.S. highways remains stalled. Staunch opposition from unions and consumer groups in this country, which argue that unsafe foreign trucks and inexperienced drivers put U.S. jobs and lives at risk, have successfully shut

SA Express News Editorial – Take action on truck program – End a self-defeating trade war with Mexico over NAFTA provision

Let’s see if I’ve got this right. James P. Hoffa of the Teamsters and Todd Spencer of OOIDA are correct in their opinions of Mexican trucks and 1400 plus trade associations, newspaper editors and business groups are wrong? And the aforementioned duo “speak” for the “majority” of Americans? I think not. The San Antonio Express

OOIDA first out of the gate responding to proposed Mexican Truck Agreement with the same old BULLSHIT

As expected, Todd Spencer and OOIDA quickly released a statement opposing any effort by the FMCSA and the Obama administration to comply with out obligation under NAFTA. Our non compliance having cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs and a significant amount of market share due to the perfectly legal retaliatory tariffs Mexico imposed for

NAFTA compliance, finally / Obama will end 17-year ban on Mexican trucks

BY UNION-TRIBUNE EDITORIAL BOARD The North American Free Trade Agreement was ratified by Congress almost 17 years ago. It’s about time the United States began honoring a key part of it. A sticking point in the treaty has been the provision allowing truckers from Mexico, Canada and the United States cross-border access to each nation’s

Into the New Year 2009

We have a New Year before us. Soon to have a new President that folks are pinning their hopes and dreams on, an economy in the crapper, the nativists or whining and dreaming of a White America, and new challenges await! The original intent of this site was to debunk all the bullshit about Mexico

Looking back on 2007 and ahead to 2008

What a year 2007 was. The war in Iraq continued and the casualty count is now well over three thousand and for what? To allow KBR civilian contractors and others to get rich scamming the government as those who were recently indicted in Afghanistan have shown us. Blackwater security employees used Iraq as their personal