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Collision between big rig – pickup truck leave 16 dead in northern Mexico – Graphic Photos/Video

A head-on collision between a big rig belonging to Fletes Mexico and a pickup truck Saturday night in the municipality of Matamoros Coahuila has claimed the lives of 16 people, including 10 women, two infants, a five year old girl and three men. The pickup truck, with 12 in the bed and 4 in the

Canacar and Canacar Communica give insiders view into the Mexican trucking industry

The latest issue of CANACAR COMMUNICA is out and available for viewing online. CANACAR COMMUNICA is very similar to our own OVERDRIVE magazine and is presented in a similar format. Looking through the current and past issues, reveals some interesting facts and articles. In the July issue for instance, CANACAR is tracking the progress of

Mexico’s “Paperless Port” due to go online in March

About a year ago, Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa signed a decree for the implementation of the Single Window of Foreign Trade, or “Ventanilla Unico” to streamline and consolidate Mexican Customs clearances. The new system is currently undergoing extensive testing which began last November. According to Alfonso Rojas Gonzalez de Castilla, president of the Confederation

Attack on Monterrey casino leaves 63 dead and is an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM

The attack on a popular Monterrey casino yesterday afternoon that left 63 people dead and dozens more injured, mostly women, has elevated the narco violence into Mexico into a de facto act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM and the response to this cowardly attack against innocent civilians should be treated as such. A $30 million peso reward

Mexico SCT equal partner in ROADCHECK 2011

COMUNICADO 044.- MÉXICO PARTICIPA EN EL “ROADCHECK” INTERNACIONAL DE VERIFICACIÓN EN AUTOTRANSPORTE FEDERAL •  El Roadcheck es un operativo de la Alianza de Seguridad en Vehículos Comerciales (CVSA), de la cual México forma parte desde 1991 •  Forma parte de acciones coordinadas por la Alianza en las tres naciones firmantes del TLC de América del

Ministry of Defense (SEDENA) asks funding for additional checkpoints

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) acknowledging  limitations on the inspection and review of motor vehicles on Federal  roads in states considered drug corridors, has asked the Ministry of Finance for 1.6 million pesos to establish 13 permanent inspection stations. Current checkpoints see an average of 1,776 inspections daily, of commercial vehicles, and private autos.

Translation of Mexican Laws and Regulations Available on MTO

At the moment, we are undertaking the monumental task of translating Mexican trucking regulations and traffic laws into English and making them available in our downloads section of the site. We’re putting them under the category of “Mexican Transportation Laws & Regulations” The first files to be made available are:

Fighting cross border trucking with fabrications and fear mongering

A caller to a nationally known trucking news report show recently starting spewing his objections and telling all who would listen why Mexican trucks should be forever banned from US highways. The days guest, a well known and respected journalist and trucking expert asked the caller; “Where do you get this information?” The caller, stunned