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Mexico gets serious about cross border trucking issue

The Mexican government apparently is damned serious about trying to force the U.S. government to present it’s intentions in regards to the cross border trucking controversy. Sources close MTO have indicated that Mexico is considering rotating its list of U.S. products subject to retaliatory tariffs by early 2011 if the Obama administration fails to present

Ministry of Defense (SEDENA) asks funding for additional checkpoints

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) acknowledging  limitations on the inspection and review of motor vehicles on Federal  roads in states considered drug corridors, has asked the Ministry of Finance for 1.6 million pesos to establish 13 permanent inspection stations. Current checkpoints see an average of 1,776 inspections daily, of commercial vehicles, and private autos.

Translation of Mexican Laws and Regulations Available on MTO

At the moment, we are undertaking the monumental task of translating Mexican trucking regulations and traffic laws into English and making them available in our downloads section of the site. We’re putting them under the category of “Mexican Transportation Laws & Regulations” The first files to be made available are:

Fighting cross border trucking with fabrications and fear mongering

A caller to a nationally known trucking news report show recently starting spewing his objections and telling all who would listen why Mexican trucks should be forever banned from US highways. The days guest, a well known and respected journalist and trucking expert asked the caller; “Where do you get this information?” The caller, stunned

With the announcement of renewed tariff’s, oppositions spin in full force

It didn’t take long for the opponents of Mexican trucks, or for that matter, anything Mexican to come out with their discredited rants opposing the US fulfilling its obligation to allow Mexican trucks access to US roadways in the same manner Canadian trucks have been allowed for more than 10 years. Teamster President James Hoffa

Owner Operators United President Dan Little helps debunk OOIDA misinformation and drivers misperceptions

In a recent post,  I commented on allegations made by OOU President Dan Little, accusing FMCSA of falsifying CVSA inspections records for Mexican motor carriers. Mr Little took it upon himself and his organization to respond to that post with the records of 13 “randomly” selected Mexican carriers from the FMCSA SAFERSYS database. Mr Little

Debunking the myths of Mexican Trucks and Truckers

Since the announcement last week that finally, steps were being taken to open the borders to Mexican trucks, the overnight talk shows have been full of “expert opinions” on the subject. One that continues to irk me is that “There are no databases in Mexico”, patently false opinion ventured and spread by Todd Spencer of