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Series of Bus vs. Truck accidents in Mexico has officials concerned – SCT contemplates lowering speed limits for commercial vehicles.

ADO bus Tanker crash Villahermosa

Villahermos – An accident this morning between a fuel tanker and a passenger coach belonging to ADO lines has left 10 dead and numerous others with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening. The accident occurred this morning at Kilometer 114 on the Ciudad…

Mexico’s government proposing stronger penalties and sanctions for non-compliant motor carriers

Federales check Mexican carrier

Following the lead of the FMCSA, government officials in Mexico City are considering tightening penalties and sanctions against Mexican motor carriers who continuously are involved in motor vehicle accidents. National Coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente said in an interview that the companies…

Mexican Federal Highway Police recover stolen truck carrying $170,000 in copper – Arrests made

Mexican Federal Police with assistance from the Mexican Army and State Police recovered stolen load of copper and other vehicles in state of Guanajuato

The Federal Police recovered a load of stolen copper in Guanajuato, valued at more than $170,000.00. Thanks to a hidden GPS transponder in the vehicle carrying them, they managed to locate the unit in Villa de Pozos in addition to  five trucks, two trailers…

30 Delta – Making Mexico’s Highways safer by ensuring truckers compliance with Mexico’s Transport Laws

Operation 30 Delta

You know how some of us get all excited in June when the CVSA 72 hour Road Check is in full swing? Try being a trucker in Mexico during the holidays or really, anytime the SCT and Federal Police feel like rolling out…

CANACAR- Acknowledges amphetamine use among small percentage of Mexican Truckers

Mexican DOT inspections

At the end of July, the numbers came out on Mexico’s ambitious program to test thousands of Mexican transportation workers for drug and alcohol usage in roadside and terminal inspections under an initiative called 30 Delta The results were impressive, although not all…

Increased accident rate in Mexico caused by excessive size and weight according to CONATRAM


According to statistics released by CAPUFE recently in response to a request under Mexico’s transparency laws, 5,321 accidents involving big rigs pulling doubles or three axles single trailers have been reported in the period between January 2011 and March of 2013. These numbers…

Operation 30 DELTA to test 150,000 Mexican Transportation workers in July and August 2013


What to some might seem a monumental undertaking is happening in Mexico during the months of June through August. Know as “30 DELTA” by the Secretaria de Comunicacions y Transportes (SCT), the plan is to conduct more than 150,000 random and scheduled drug…

Mexican Truckers stage work stoppage – Close down major highways


It’s well known within the US trucking industry that if you get 10 truck drivers together, they won’t be able to agree on the time of day, much less do something about it. Not so in Mexico where this morning more than 20,000…

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