As increased truck size and weights are debated in the United States, Mexico hangs on to NOM-012 2008


As the Federal Highway Safety Administration was conducting a public listening session to gauge the publics reaction to raising truck size and weights on U.S. highways, Mexico’s 5 year size and weight authorization known as NOM-012 was nearing the end of it’s 5 year authorization. NOM-012, published in 2008 allowed some combination units to operate … Read more…

Federal Police bust tractor trailer carrying cocaine – heroin. Two in custody


Mexican Federal Transport Police manning a roadblock at km 73 on the Rocky Point-Puerto Libertad highway in the municipality of Caborca stopped a refrigerated tractor trailer rig enroute from Hermosillo Sonora to Baja California, discovering almost 100 kilograms of a “white powdery” substances hidden among the pallets of tomatoes the truckers were hauling. Emigdio Hernández … Read more…

Juan Omar Diaz Olivares driver of propane tanker charged with 23 counts of murder, property crimes in Mexico City

Juan Omar Diaz Olivares

He was released from the hospital in Mexico City on Tuesday afternoon where he had been recuperating from his injuries received in the accident that caused 26 deaths, dozens of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage in the Mexico City suburb of Ecatepec and taken under heavy guard to the Centro de Readaptación … Read more…

The PGJEM Has Made their Decision – And the Driver is Guilty – No proof, just GUILTY

What remains of the 2012 Kenworth T-600 tractor following the fire and explosion

Translated from T21MX by Osiel Cruz T21MX is a Mexican trade publication covering the Mexican trucking industry. Oriel Cruz is the General Director of the publication as well as a columnist covering trade and transport topics. Sr. Cruz column which I’m translating free style should outrage each and everyone of us, whether we be U.S or … Read more…

Death toll in Propane Tanker explosion in Ecatepec Mexico rises to 24 – Investigation continues

COnsidering gross weight and incline of highway, driver could in no way have been speeding as claimed by some officials

The investigation into the explosion of a propane tanker pulling double trailers last week on the Mexico City to Pachuca highway continues with details emerging. Secretary of Communications and Transport, (SCT) spokesman Gerardo Ruiz Esparza  said his agency has determined the tractor double trailer combination, a 2012 Kenworth  was in compliance with all regulations pertaining … Read more…

23 dead, dozens injured in explosion of propane tanker on Mexico City – Pachuco Expressway

What remains of the 2012 Kenworth T-600 tractor following the fire and explosion

At least 23 people have died and more than three dozen injured in the explosion of a double propane tanker in the suburbs north of Mexico City early Tuesday morning. The accident occurred just after 0500 Tuesday morning when a double tanker truck loaded with propane gas allegedly lost control hitting the center divider on … Read more…

Next Up – OOIDA Lawsuit tries to stop Mexican trucking using FMCSA rule not in effect – Hearing May 6


Oral arguments are scheduled to be heard May 6, 2013 before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in the latest and hopefully last frivolous and baseless lawsuit filed by Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) in their attempt to bar Mexican carriers from the United States. The action (Docket# 12-1264) nominally mentions Canada and Canadian … Read more…

DC Appeals Court “Green Lights” Cross Border Pilot Program – Opponents respond with lies and misinformation

Truksa Mexico

This morning, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals gave opponents of Cross Border Trucking yet another devastating yet unsurprising loss in their efforts to prevent Mexican trucks from operating in the United States. Not all Mexican trucks of which there are thousands with legal authority to operate, but a select few enrolled in the Cross … Read more…



This just in from the DC Court of Appeals. Opinion for the Court filed by Circuit Judge KAVANAUGH. KAVANAUGH, Circuit Judge: Pursuant to statute, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently authorized a pilot program that allows Mexico-domiciled trucking companies to operate trucks throughout the United States,so long asthe trucking companies comply with certain federal … Read more…

Bill passes Texas House to allow overweight Mexican trucks on Texas highways

Texas Heavy Truck Enforcement

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] bill filed by State Representative Sergio Muñoz Jr of Mission that would allow Mexican refrigerated carriers to operate overweight on Texas highways passed through the Texas House of Representatives on Thursday without debate. A companion bill in the Texas Senate, introduced by Senator Juan Hinojosa of McAllen has been filed and is under consideration. The … Read more…

The day the circus came to town – DC Court of Appeals hears oral arguments from Teamsters & OOIDA

Truksa Mexico

Safe, well maintained trucks from Mexico such as this one are the target of the protectionist opponents of cross border trucking, whose effort to stop the trucks has been an abysmal failure.

Lawyers for OOIDA and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and their allied bogus safety groups such as Public Citizen were in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, on Thursday, Dec. 6, trying once again to get a court to stop the Mexican cross-border trucking program.

This is not the first time these groups have sought help from a court using frivolous and baseless accusations, but win or lose, it will be their next to the last chance. However the three judge panel, composed of Justices Judith Rogers, Karen LeCraft Henderson and Brett Kavanaugh rule, the losing side will roll the dice and request a hearing before the full court.


The claims being made by OOIDA is that Mexico has failed to institute regulations and enforcement programs that are even remotely similar to those in the United States and because there would be no relevant corresponding reciprocity for U.S. truckers. This of course, has been thoroughly debunked by our research and posting of the relevant rules and regulations Mexico has in place for their transportation industry on this website. And as is often the case when OOIDA speaks about Mexican trucks, well, Jim Johnston and company have a slight problem with the truth. It seems to continuously elude them.

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Mexican truckers take continuing education courses to comply with US English proficiency regulations

Mexican cross border trucker receives Certificate of completion of Intensive English language course

Mexican truckers take Intensive Conversational English course to stay in compliance with US and Mexican laws requiring international operators to be proficient in English. The courses are free, consist of 80 hours of intensive study and have been offered since 2008.

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico…. Mexican truckers who haul the trailers back and forth across the border in Laredo Texas are enrolling in a basic course Intensive Conversational English to avoid being fined.

FMCSA regulation 391.11.(b)(2) requires that truckers operating on US roadways be sufficiently proficient in English to understand road signs, converse with the public and law enforcement officers. However, the regulation gives little guidance to how the rules should be enforced in the field other than to advise law enforcement officials that a “good faith” effort is sufficient to satisfy the rule. This leaves it up to the individual enforcement officer to determine what “good faith” is. As a result, under the new CSA rules, Mexican carriers safety ratings are being destroyed by the unequal and often capricious use of this rule.
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Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) extends weight restriction on double trailers another 6 month

The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has extended by six months the decree that sets the maximum weight for double trailers at 75.5 tons, a reduction from the 80 tons previously allowed, according to a notice published in the Diario Oficial de la Federación (DOF). The Diario Oficial de la Federacion is the equivalent … Read more…

PASA for 7th Mexican carrier successful for participation in Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Wednesday has published a notice in the Federal Register seeking comments on what could become the seventh Mexico-domiciled carrier to be granted authority to participate in the cross-border pilot program with Mexico.

Transportes Monteblanco SA de CV, a carrier based in Distrito Federal, Mexico, has passed it’s pre-authorization safety audit with two trucks and four drivers being approved.

FMCSA will accept comments for a period of 10 days from the date of publication in the Federal Register. To make a comment on the fitness of this carrier, you can go to and search for FMCSA 2011-0097.

It is interesting to note that FMCSA, when publishing the request for comments for Transportes Monteblanco SA de CV, gave tacit acknowledgement to issues we raised against OOIDA’s obstructionist and intimidating tactics using the agencies comment system.
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A day with a Mexican cross border transfer driver

International Operator José Antonio García Fuentes in Nuevo Laredo

International Operator/Cross Border drayage driver José Antonio García Fuentes in the cab of his red Kenworth as he prepares to begin his day shuttling trailers back and forth across the World Trade Bridge in Laredo Texas

The sun has barely begun it’s trajectory across the eastern sky as Mexican trucker José Antonio García Fuentes prepares to begin his workday.

Dropping his kids off at school, Jose’ heads to his terminal for what promises to be a long and grueling day.

Jose’ is a Mexican cross border transfer driver, or international transfer driver as he prefers to be called.

Jose arrives at his workplace where he keeps his truck, a red Kenworth conventional that he treats as his own.

“Ayer le di una lavadita para que se viera bonito” says Jose’ as he begins his daily pre-trip inspection as is required by SCT rules. (Translation: “Yesterday I gave her a bath so she would look good”)

You can see on his face that he enjoys the work he does, commenting as he does his pre-trip walk-around.
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U.S. – Canada – Mexico – Trucking by the numbers

Mexican Cross Border Pilot ProgramWe’re still waiting for the much ballyhooed invasion of the trucks and drivers from Mexico. You know, the ones we’ve been told are coming here to take all our freight and put us all in the welfare lines?

Yet we never here anything about the Canadians causing the same catastrophe to our industry.

We’re continually hearing about those dangerous, unsafe trucks from Mexico driven by unqualified drivers who stay behind the wheel for days on end, propped up by booze and drugs, where are they? Do they even exist?

Add to that my favorite, that allowing a Mexican truck into the United States will cause dire economic consequences?  How much truth is there to all of these claims?

I’ve got some numbers to share with my readers. Numbers that opponents of free trade, cross border trucking, especially with Mexico would prefer you not see or know that they exist.
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