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The Fourth Man

Authorities investigating the murders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father, 29 year oldRaul Flores Jr, are saying there were four people involved and anticipate more arrests in the future. The mother, 31-year-old Gina Marie Gonzalez, was wounded by one of the suspects when they returned to the crime scene to retrieve a

Those who protest the loudest, carry the most guilt

CONFIRMED: Shawna Forde has Direct Ties to National Minuteman Groups! Ties to Both Simcox and Gilchrist! East County magazine has confirmed what many continue to deny and the GI Joe’s and other wannabe’s are furious. The comments to this expose’ are coming fast and furious. As if often the case, when the cowards are caught,

Shawna Forde and group tied to white supremacists

The accused ringleader and triggerman in the May 30 double murder in Arivaca are linked to white supremacist groups, police and family members said. Accused ringleader Shawna Forde told her family in recent months that she had begun recruiting members of the Aryan Nations and that she planned to begin robbing drug-cartel leaders, her brother

Statement From M.A.D Officers

I find this asinine statement totally self serving and without merit or lacking any sincerity. Considering that Minutemen American Defense has at best, 12 members and their jack of all titles is currently incarcerated, this statement to the media is an absolute joke. Statement From M.A.D Officers Rule Of Law Without Excuse Minuteman American Defense

More on the arrest of Shawna Forde

Scott North of the Everett Herald brought to light Forde’s “troubles” as he describes them last year when she was allegedly raped, weeks after her husband was mysteriously shot. Later, after the “rape”, Forde was ambushed and shot while walking home from a bar. Scott North and staff writer Jackson Holtz, put together the following