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U.S. Marine Reservist jailed in Mexico for Weapons Violation – “I didn’t mean to do it!”

Here we go again. Another  U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico for crossing the border with weapons in his vehicle. His excuse? In an interview Sunday with the San Diego Union Tribune,  Marine Reserve Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, 25, an active Marine reservist who served two combat tours in Afghanistan said he was going to meet friends in the

“Good Ol Boy” Jim Porter Elected As NRA President, Replacing David Keene

Southern peckerwoods rejoice! One of your own has apparently been elected President of the National Rifle Association to replace outgoing President David Keene. According to news reports; Alabama attorney Jim Porter will be the new president of the National Rifle Association, CNN confirmed Wednesday. Porter is set to take over for outgoing president David Keene on Monday,

Banda La Reyna de Nuevo Leon – 10 killed, 5 injured in head on collision with big rig in northern Mexico

At least 10 members of the band La Reyna de Nuevo Leon were killed and 5 others injured this morning when the van the group was traveling in sideswiped a southbound semi, crossed the median and collided head on with a northbound semi truck. The band was returning to Monterrey after playing a gig Saturday

Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan released from prison – Immediately taken into custody by Immigration officials

Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan was released from Villa Aldama Federal Prison in Mexico Thursday night after payment of bonds and fines totaling $2000.00 US for his September 12 conviction for possessing prohibited ammunition in Mexico. Bogan has been held in the maximum security federal prison in the state of Veracruz since his arrest in

Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan learns his fate for carrying 268,000 rounds of prohibited ammunition into Mexico

Jabin Akeem Bogan, the US trucker from Dallas who was arrested in April and charged with smuggling prohibited ammunition into Mexico, was formally sentenced today to 3 years in prison and a fine of $2,680.00 pesos or about $205.00 US. On October 30, Judge Victor Manuel Jimenez Flores Third Unitary (Appeals) Court upheld the sentence

Plea agreement possible for US trucker charged with smuggling ammunition into Mexico

Two months after Demco Express driver was arrested and charged with smuggling prohibited ammunition into Mexico, we’re finally receiving information on the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the current state of the case against Jabin Akeem Bogan, 27 of the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. We’ve learned from the customs agents who first encountered Bogan

President Obama extends invitation to Mexican President Calderon to join Trans Pacific Partnership talks

President Obama joined eight other countries on Monday in welcoming Mexico into talks aimed at reaching an Asia Pacific free trade agreement, otherwise known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. We are delighted to invite Mexico, our neighbor and second-largest export market, to join the (Trans-Pacific Partnership) TPP negotiations,” U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in

U.S. Department of Transportation Orders Demco Express to Shut Down – Cites “Imminent Hazard to Public Safety”

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ordered Texas-based Denny Mekenye, doing business as Demco Express and/or Demco Trans, Inc. to immediately cease all transportation services based on serious safety violations that posed an imminent hazard to public safety. FMCSA shut down Demco following an extensive review of the company’s operations

Supporters of US Trucker Jabin Bogan ignore the facts, to try case in court of public opinion

Supporters of US trucker Jabin Bogan, imprisoned in Mexico and charged with illegally introducing prohibited ammunition into the country continue to ignore the facts surrounding the case while spinning a story they hope will hit home in the court of public opinion. Most of us who are real professional truckers, cannot comprehend how Bogan, a

US Trucker who smuggled ammunition into Mexico, formally charged. Has 30 days to appeal indictment

Jabin Bogan, the driver for DEMCO Transportation, who was caught with 268,000 rounds of military grade ammunition when he “inadvertantly” crossed into Mexico from El Paso, has been formally charged with violating Mexico’s uber strict gun laws. Bogan was charged yesterday with importing ammunition exclusive to the Mexican military, a crime that could put him

Murder of 15 year old by Border Patrol could have profound effect on US Truckers case

The outcome of the case against the US trucker charged with smuggling 268,000 rounds of ammunition into Mexico last week could be further complicated by the conclusions of an investigationreleased by the US Department of Justice on Friday. On June 7, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mara Jr, according to witnesses and video, without provocation

Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program officially underway as first Mexican truck arrives at Laredo

An editorial caught me eye this morning, on this day that the first Mexican carrier to be granted authority to operate beyond the commercial zone enters the U.S. It reads in part; When a nation signs and ratifies a treaty with another, it is in effect a contract between those countries. And when one country

Tariff’s are lifted as first Mexican carrier receives authority to operate in the United States

What can only be described as a resounding success in our efforts to see the United States come into compliance with it obligations under the NAFTA accords, the remaining 50 percent of the $2.4 billion regulatory tariffs imposed by Mexico in 2009 will now be lifted. The tariff’s, imposed after the Obama Administration signed a

USDOT/OIG – FMCSA Generally Complies With Statutory Requirements, but Actions Are Needed Prior To Initiating Its NAFTA Cross-Border Trucking Pilot Program

On August 19, 2011, the Office of the Inspector General for the United States Department of Transportation, a non-partisan independent office tasked with oversight of the various agencies, released it’s long awaited audit on the Mexican cross border program, preparing to get underway. This audit was required by Section 6901 of the U.S. Troop Readiness,

Cross Border Trucking with Mexico – “It’s going to happen, There is no way to stop it”

During the scheduled meeting of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee in Alexandria Virginia yesterday, those were the words of  Carlos Sesma, an attorney representing Mexican trucking interests before the committee. And Sesma was correct. The MCSAC is a subcommittee of the FMCSA charged with overseeing the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program. OOIDA Executive Vice-President Todd