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Trucker Anarchists release First Manifesto in attempt to “Shutdown America”.

In our continuing coverage of the anarchists who call themselves TRUCKERS TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA I’m posting their first manifesto for my followers and readers to digest and realize that real professional truckers of America want nothing to do with this agenda driven drivel. As you’ll read through this, you’ll see conspiracy theories brought forth

El Paso City Council approves resolution asking for release of US trucker Jabin Bogan

The El Paso City Council voted unanimously on a resolution by District 4 council member Carl Robinson, asking for the humanitarian release of Jabin Akeem Bogan who remains incarcerated after being caught with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunitiion on his trailer after he supposedly entered Mexico by mistake. The resolution requests “a vigorous review

President Obama extends invitation to Mexican President Calderon to join Trans Pacific Partnership talks

President Obama joined eight other countries on Monday in welcoming Mexico into talks aimed at reaching an Asia Pacific free trade agreement, otherwise known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. We are delighted to invite Mexico, our neighbor and second-largest export market, to join the (Trans-Pacific Partnership) TPP negotiations,” U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in

President Obama and G-20 leaders meet in Los Cabos for two days of talks

Mexico’s strengthening economy underlies the glossy veneer on display as President Felipe Calderón hosts the Group of 20 leaders of major industrialized and emerging economies at the luxury beach resort of Los Cabos Mexico on Monday and Tuesday. The G-20 is meant to serve as the premier voice of economic coordination, representing not just traditional

Arizona “Merchant of Death” back in business after ammo seized by Mexican customs officials

Everybody can breath easier now. It seems Howie Glaser, owner of United Nations Ammo Co and consignee of the 268,000 rounds of NATO grade “sporting ammunition” seized by Mexico got himself a new shipment. On his website this morning, Glaser advertises; Finally to arrive by Wednesday 7.62X51 (308) Ammunition Non Corrosive Nato Cross Portuguese Linked

Credibility of Jabin Bogan & supporters in doubt as evidence emerges to counter claims of “honest mistake”

Today marks the 40th day since Demco Express driver Jabin Bogan of Dallas, entered Mexico with 268,000 rounds of prohibited military grade ammunition and was arrested and detained by Mexican authorities. We didn’t have much of an interest in this story until a couple of days after the event, when “supporters” of Bogan, for their

An Inconvenient Truth – Blame the GOP, not Obama for $4.00 a gallon gas

Listening to the callers to the Steve Sommers show last night on ATN (America’s Trucking Network) railing against President Obama, accusing him of everything from being an “illegitimate President” to being singularly responsible for the high cost of gas and diesel (some nefarious conspiracy to wean Americans off of fossil fuels), I found an interesting

OOIDA sends another letter blasting Secretary Ray LaHood on Mexican Pilot Program

This is so ridiculous it borders on the absurd. Yesterday, OOIDA President Jim Johnston sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood venting his frustrations at his associations failure to hoodwink Congress and the public into putting a stop to the cross border trucking program with Mexico. Here’s some excerpts of the letter to LaHood:

Opponents of Cross Border Trucking enlist hate groups and their spokesmen to mislead the public

Absent any proof that allowing a few more Mexican trucks access to the United State under the upcoming Cross Border Pilot Program, will encourage more smuggling of contraband or worse, opponents of the pilot program, their allies and spokesmen on trucking talk radio are making an all out effort to fabricate a problem that does

$9 million dollar pot bust on US 59 in Wharton County Texas – 3 Valley Residents busted

Texas Department of Public safety troopers took more than $9 million dollars in marijuana out of the pipeline last weekend with the busts of three individuals and the seizure of 22,072 pounds of bundled marijuana with a wholesale street value in Houston of $9,270,240.   Saturday morning, May 28, about 0300, Troopers noticed a semi

OOIDA continues to defraud and mislead American truckers on cross border trucking issue

As the reality of a new and final cross border program to allow Mexican trucks access to American highways as we promised almost 20 years ago, comes closer to fruition, the desperation coming coming from the offices of OOIDA or Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association, is palpable. For instance, OOIDA spokesman Norita Taylor appeared on

Union Propaganda machine goes full tilt, but, statistics don’t lie. The opposition does

We’ve had a weekend since Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood released the “Concept Document” enabling the United States to finally uphold their obligations under the NAFTA agreement. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive to the release of the plan with opposition coming from the usual irrelevant sources, as predicted. Immediately, the opposition chimed in citing job losses,

Translation of Mexican Laws and Regulations Available on MTO

At the moment, we are undertaking the monumental task of translating Mexican trucking regulations and traffic laws into English and making them available in our downloads section of the site. We’re putting them under the category of “Mexican Transportation Laws & Regulations” The first files to be made available are:

Fighting cross border trucking with fabrications and fear mongering

A caller to a nationally known trucking news report show recently starting spewing his objections and telling all who would listen why Mexican trucks should be forever banned from US highways. The days guest, a well known and respected journalist and trucking expert asked the caller; “Where do you get this information?” The caller, stunned

Mexico Planning New Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Goods in Trucking Dispute

Mexico will impose additional import tariffs on U.S. goods in retaliation for the U.S. government’s failure to restore a program allowing Mexican trucks to operate north of the border, according to an official at the Economy Ministry. Mexican Economy Minister Bruno Ferrari plans to  announce a new list of U.S. products subject to tariffs today,sources