GRAPHIC IMAGES – Car bomb explodes outside mayors office in Nuevo Laredo days before the election

Friday was a quiet day in Nuevo Laredo, the same as any weekday. People going about their business not expecting that at the 11:00 hour, a car bomb would explode in front of Nuevo Laredo’s city hall, injuring 7 and leaving the street looking like a scene from the Iraq war.

Mexican media are not touching this one, other than Proceso.  Nothing in the local papers or on Mexican television news which is normal in these time.

The car bomb was parked next to the space where Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan Gomez has his reserved parking space. Flying shrapnel from the blast injured seven innocent pedestrian and damaged a number of vehicles waiting for a green light at Heroes de Nacataz and  Guerrero.

No one has claimed responsibility but the mayor has been the subject of threats from both Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel. In April, the heads of 14 alleged members of criminal organizations were left on the mayors doorstep.

No one has claimed responsibility for this latest atrocity. Rumors are that Los Zetas are abandoning the plaza of Nuevo Laredo and plan on leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. That’s the word on the street, however, who can tell at this point.

Other have suggested that prior to today’s election, perhaps someone is attempting to do some “housecleaning”. Again who knows.

Fighting between the criminal organizations is one thing. If they want to clean up the gene pool, that’s fine with me. But this was an unprovoked attempt in which truly innocent people were hurt and should not be tolerated. My personal opinion is to hell with the so called human rights groups. Let unleash the Mexican Marines and put a stop to this now.

I’ll let the photos of the incident speak for themselves.