CANACAR calls for more sanctions against US carriers – United States still not in compliance with obligations

CANACAR 2015 Assembly
2015 National Assembly of CANACAR and installation of new President, Rogelio Montemayor Morineau.

CANACAR said today, what is obvious, that the agreement allowing access to Mexican trucks is not reciprocal to the access granted U.S. carriers to Mexico, does not provide fair treatment to Mexican carriers and as such, is urging the Mexican government to put in place once again, the retaliatory tariffs that were triggered in 2009, and keep them in place until the United States is in full and complete compliance with NAFTA.

The incoming president of the Canacar, Rogelio Montemayor Morineau, said that US authorities impose much stricter requirements and oversight  on Mexican drivers, vehicles and motor carriers than the do on the Canadians or Americans.

During the installation ceremony recently, where he was sworn in as President, he said he would continue with the $5.334 billion dollars arbitration claim against the United States that CANACAR has filed on behalf of its members against the U.S. for losses incurred by the United States refusal over the past 20 years to comply with it’s obligations and promises made under NAFTA in 1994.

However, the Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT), Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, said the United States is currently upholding their part of the agreement and that the largest transport union in the U.S., the Teamsters is merely trying to defend their point of view, referring of course to the frivolous and baseless lawsuit (15-70754) currently languishing before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

“Practically, the cross-border program is an approved program and may continue, although there are some issues, because there are interests that want to ensure their dominance,” the official said.

“They (the Teamsters) will try to defend their interests and we will defend the Mexican transportation interests,” said Esparza.

Asked the specific question of whether tariff sanctions were to be imposed against the United States, he said “now the tariffs have been approved and are being fulfilled.”

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