Busy Weekend on the border with more than 6500 pounds of pot seized

Drugs seized by Border Patrol Agents along the Texas BorderBorder Patrol agents seized more than 1,400 pounds of marijuana over the weekend in four separate busts, according to Laredo Sector Border Patrol

The most recent seizure occurred Monday at Texas 16 traffic checkpoint.

Hebbronville agents observed a white pickup truck heading northbound make an abrupt U-turn prior to reaching the checkpoint.

Agents observed the driver of the vehicle pull onto the south side of the road and exit the vehicle.

The driver quickly jumped over a barbed wire fence and fled into the brush.

Agents saw several bundles of marijuana wrapped in cellophane in plain view inside the passenger seat and in the bed of the pickup truck.

One hundred individually wrapped bundles of marijuana, weighing 620.7 pounds and valued at $496,560, were recovered from the truck.

The marijuana and vehicle were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The second seizure occurred on Sunday when Zapata Border Patrol agents received a report of suspicious activity near La Perla Farms.

Agents responded and located a flat-bottom boat near the riverbanks.

A service K-9 alerted to the presence of contraband.

Agents searched the area and recovered 13 bundles containing 33 separate bricks of marijuana wrapped in cellophane.

The total weight of the marijuana was 528 pounds with an estimated value of $422,400.

The marijuana was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The Zapata County Sheriff’s Department took custody of the abandoned boat.

The third seizure also occurred on Sunday at the Interstate 35 traffic checkpoint when a Mercury car approached the checkpoint.

While conducting an immigration inspection of the occupants of the vehicle, a service canine alerted to the presence of people or contraband inside the vehicle.

The vehicle was referred to secondary inspection, and agents discovered two bundles of marijuana inside the trunk of the vehicle.

The marijuana, totaling 44.7 pounds with an estimated value of $35,760, the vehicle and the driver were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The fourth seizure occurred on Friday when Laredo south agents responded to suspicious activity in Rio Bravo and encountered five subjects with black burlap bundles on the banks of the Rio Grande.

The agents identified themselves and the subjects dropped the bundles and fled to Mexico.

Inside the sacks agents recovered several bundles of marijuana weighing 262.5 pounds with an estimated value of $210,000.

The marijuana was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

And on the other side of Texas

Border Patrol agents said a stolen pickup truck was spotted in the desert near the Camel Mountain area.

Agents closed in after the truck got stuck in the sand, two men then jumped out of the truck, one making it back into Mexico.

The other was arrested and identified as Manuel Gavino Castillo-Olivas.

Upon searching the truck, agents found 1,915 pounds of marijuana.

The case will now be investigated by the Drug Enforcement Agency in Las Cruces.

Drugs seized in traffic stop in Sasabe Arizona by Arizona DPSAlong the brder in Arizona

Border Patrol agents near Sasabe discovered more than $3 million dollars worth of marijuana in two abandoned trucks Monday morning.
According to a Tuesday news release, agents spotted a vehicle crossing the border into Arizona illegally.

Agents found tire tracks and followed them to a stolen truck and SUV in a large wash.

Agents found over 3,900 pounds of pot, according to the report.

They say the marijuana has an estimated street value of over $3,169,000 and will be processed and Second of two vehicle seized by Arizona DPSturned over to the Drug Enforcement  Agency.

The drug smugglers were not found, according to the report.

A Florida man was detained by Arizona DPS on I-10 near Benson1,500 lbs of pot found in semi trailer on I-10 in S. Arizona

A Florida man is behind bars following a traffic stop which netted 1,500 pounds of marijuana, according to a Department of Public Safety news release.

An officer with the Department of Public Safety stopped the commercial vehicle last Friday for unsafe lane usage about four miles west of Benson, according to the report released Tuesday.

The officer noticed suspicous behavior from the driver and a K-9 officer was called in to check the tractor-trailer.

The dog alerted to something inside the trailer, and that’s where officers found the pot sandwiched between loads of produce. Officers also found a loaded weapon in the truck.

Rohan Coombs, 35, of Orlando, Florida, was booked for possessing and transporting marijuana for distribution and possessing a firearm.

His Freightliner tractor and the utility trailer were seized, according to DPS.

Mission Texas – Verbal Threats made against Agents

Over 1,100 pounds of marijuana was seized in a high-speed chase this morning.

It started in Abram around 7:30 a.m. Border Patrol agents, Mission police, and Palmview officers chased a truck with four suspects.

Border Patrol agents say during the pursuit, the people in the truck threw out 99 bundles of marijuana.

The chase went through Anzalduas Park. It ended with the suspects’ truck in the river.

Dan Doty of the U.S. Border Patrol says the suspects had people waiting for them on the Mexican side of the river. He tells us the group tried to return to the truck to recover anything left behind.

“But Mission P.D., Palmview P.D., and Border Patrol was on scene and they (the suspects) did flee back to Mexico,” Doty says.

He adds the group waiting on the south side of the river made verbal threats against the agents as they were trying to catch the suspects. However no one was injured.

Mexican authorities have been contacted to help catch the suspects

Nothing unusual. Just another day on the border. But proving once again that the drugs aren’t brought across by commercial trucks, but in bits and pieces.

Establish a common sense National Drug Policy and the demand drops and the flow slows. Sounds simple enough.