Border News Shorts – Dope Falls from 18 wheeler – Border Patrol recruits “Bubbas” in SC and Georgia

The U.S. Border Patrol brings its hiring blitz South this weekend looking for "Bubba's to join the ranks

Border Patrol recruits “Bubba’s” in South Carolina, Georgia

The U.S. Border Patrol brings its hiring blitz South this weekend.

The agency recruits in four locations on Saturday in South Carolina and Georgia.

Two years ago, President Bush said he wanted to hire 6,000 more Border Patrol agents by the end of 2008. The agency needs to hire more than 800 by Dec. 31 to meet the goal.

The agency is responsible for patrolling 7,000 miles of border. Starting pay ranges from $36,000 to $46,000 a year.

In South Carolina, recruiting is set in North Charleston at the Embassy Suites at the Convention Center and at the Embassy Suites in Columbia on Stoneridge Drive.

The Georgia sites include the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and the Columbus Convention Center.
Yep, just what we need. White Trash Bubba’s to patrol the border

Marijuana fell out of 18-wheeler

Edinburgh Marijuana Bust
Edinburg Texas police make a big marijuana bust and detained an suspected drug smuggler.

Chief Quirino Munoz says the suspect was using a tractor trailer, called a “belly dumper”, to haul the drugs when he was spotted at the Flying J Truck Stop, on north US 281.

Those 18 wheelers, he said, are normally used to haul caliche or gravel and have doors that open underneath.

“For some unknown reason, the bottom doors came open and apparently the bundles of marijuana fell out and that’s how we got the call,” said Munoz.

Police arrested the truck driver after they chased after him for a short while.

They seized about 150 bundles, weighing about 2-thousand pounds.
(What a total dumbass.

Elephant escapes Circus in Mexico City and is killed by intercity bus

Bus hits escaped circus elephant in Mexico

Imagine rolling down the highway in the wee hours of the morning, around the curves and there stands this big honking ass elephant!

A five-ton elephant escaped from a circus and wandered onto a busy highway, where it was hit by a bus and died on Tuesday.

State officials say bus driver Tomas Lopez, 49, also was killed and at least four passengers were hospitalized after the pre-dawn collision in Ecatepec, just north of Mexico City.

Mexico State police spokesman Juan Sanchez said the elephant escaped from its cage at the Circo Union, but he declined to give any other details. He said officials were investigating.

The state-funded Notimex news agency reported that the elephant named Indra escaped as its keeper arrived to feed it, knocking down a metal door that led to the street and wandering through two neighborhoods before trying to cross the highway.

Small circuses have used the name “Circo Union” in Mexico and it was not immediately clear which was involved