Attack on Monterrey casino leaves 63 dead and is an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM

The attack on a popular Monterrey casino yesterday afternoon that left 63 people dead and dozens more injured, mostly women, has elevated the narco violence into Mexico into a de facto act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM and the response to this cowardly attack against innocent civilians should be treated as such.

Terrorist attack on Casino Royale
An attack on the Casino Royale in the upscale enclave of San Joronimo, a wealthy suburb of Monterrey Nuevo Leon, left dozens injured and 63 dead, mostly women, can only be described as an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

A $30 million peso reward has been offered by the PGR for information leading to the arrest of the individuals involved. One of the cars used by the gunman, a Cooper Mini has been found and is undergoing forensic examination and a sketch of one of the gunmen, based on witnesses, has been released. Surveillance video has also been posted.

Unlike most acts of violence in Monterrey and the rest of Mexico which to many have become commonplace, although far from the “wild west” scenario painted by most in the American media, this particular act of terrorism has elicited literally thousands of comments of outrage and protest on blogs and newspaper websites in Mexico. The people are finally fed up it seems and are speaking out.

Of course, President Calderon expressed his outrage at this “act of terror” as did President Obama. President Calderon is finally asking the US for help, a request long overdue. No one knows yet in what manner or form this help will come but it needs to be quick.

In my opinion, shared by others, Calderon needs to ignore entities such as the Mexico Human Rights Commission, the UN and any other “kumbaya” pacifists and release the military and Federal Police forces to put this down once and for all. Forget arresting the bad guys, parading them before the media and holding them for 45 days while a judicial system rife with corruption decides whether there is enough evidence to continue holding them for trial. Forget about holding them in prisons (Mexico doesn’t have county jails) awaiting trial, where they can live a life of luxury if they can afford it and leave at will. ARREST and SUMMARILY EXECUTE! PERIOD! From my 15 years living in this country and more than 30 years traveling Mexico, Federal law enforcement is very capable, rarely make errors and are amongst the most honest of the LE agencies in Mexico. That’s just my personal opinion and observations.

There is no death penalty in Mexico and a life sentence is 30 years, so let’s eradicate the trash and be done with it. Perhaps the others who would follow, would realize that Mexico and it’s citizens are fed up and mean business.

Around Mexico, we’re seeing citizens rising up and doing the job the local gendarmes can’t or won’t do and the same needs to happen in Monterrey. Time will tell.

A comprehensive gallery of photos of this massacre is available for viewing at IMMIGRATION CLEARINGHOUSE where they’ll be following this tragedy closely.

One thing people have to remember though is that no truckers were involved or harmed in the execution of the terrorist attack. In other words, for all those who try to use the violence in Mexico as an excuse to ban Mexican trucks from the US, don’t go there. This is an entirely separate issue..