ATF seizes guns bound for Mexico

Gun trafficking to Mexico has increased as the Mexican government tries to address drug cartels more fiercely.
Gun trafficking to Mexico has increased as the Mexican government tries to address drug cartels more fiercely.
Phoenix’s branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said on Friday it took 18 automatic weapons bound for Mexico off Arizona streets before they got south of the border.

The guns were heading to drug cartels in Mexico from the U.S., said William Newell, special agent in charge, ATF, Phoenix field division.

Newell said agents found five of them strapped underneath a truck heading for the border two weeks ago. Then they found 13 more two days later.

Agents said a women made a straw purchase of 13 in Phoenix, meaning she lied, saying the guns were for her, when they were, in fact, going to a Mexican drug cartel.

“The issue is she was trying to earn some money,” Newell said. “And it’s unfortunate, because, now, she’s in big trouble.”

Newell said gun trafficking to Mexico has increased as the Mexican government tries to address drug cartels more fiercely.

“They’re using firearms such as these to fight the fight,” Newell said. “It’s a war, is what it is. It’s a war.”

Newell said 95 percent of the guns seized in Mexico are from the U.S.

So, is that what the Supreme Court clarified the Second Amendment for? Some would seem to think so.

The Petey Pop Gun and Sammy Six Shooter crowd that is. And as usual, when making their point, they get all confused and wrapped up in their own rhetoric

I have a problem with it. I’m a hardliner also though.

One, assume the firearms she’s transporting are in fact capable of full automatic fire. So what? They shouldn’t be illegal in the first place. Yes, I advocate that common everyday citizens should be able to own machine guns. Switzerland has done it successfully for a very long time. We used to prior to the FFA of 1934. If I am able to purchase exotic cars and motorcycles possessing tremendous power with no special permits, what is the difference?

Stop regulating (restricting) inanimate objects. If guns kill people then I guess pencils misspell words.

It’s stated pretty plainly in the Constitution that this right to own guns of comparable quality/performance of the military shall not be infringed upon. It makes no exceptions. We should not be “screened” when purchasing any small arms. I don’t fill out a 4473 when exercising free speech or when deciding which religion to practice. Nor do I pay a special tax.

Last, I certainly don’t advocate tax collection agencies that have a long and well documented historical habit of using gestapo police tactics against American citizens. The BATF should be disbanded and the agents sent out to find a new job.

Now, assume also this woman was in fact taking these guns off to Mexico to peddle to the local cartel down there.

Again, so what? That’s Mexico’s problem. Perhaps when they begin sharing the burden of regulating illegal immigration into the United States I’ll be a little more sympathetic. Until then, I say let them deal with what gets imported into their country.

At MOST I see this woman dodging an export tax on some guns. But then again, I see no legal justification for ANY Constitutional right to be taxed. I don’t pay Uncle Sugar to use free speech and my freedom to choose how I worship a higher power is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

I think she should be released and the Agent who arrested her should be charged with violating her 2nd/4th/5th amendment rights.

Last argument. Go back to grass roots and claim she’s not part of the militia (because she is a woman and militia members are defined as able bodied males?) Women have proven themselves in the military. The fact that they have earned their place demonstrates a progression towards more freedom, exactly in line with what the founding fathers were after. By allowing women in the military and/or militia it personifies the driving force of the constitution. It should expand freedom, not systematically strip it away.

Again, this woman has done nothing wrong and should be released immediately. She’s a criminal only because the Federal Government has decided to pass a bunch of laws that further erode our rights.

SOURCE: The Firing Line

Yeah Right!