Arrests made in Cadereyta Mother’s Day massacre that left 49 dead but questions remain with few answers

Jesus Elizondo Daniel "El Loco" Ramirez,
Jesus Elizondo Daniel "El Loco" Ramirez, alleged mastermind behind the Mother's Day massacre of 49 people in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon is presented to the press.
May 17, 2012 Troops assigned to the Mexican 7th Military Zone detained eight unidentified individuals they said were Gulf Cartel operatives and who may have been involved in the murder of at least 49 people in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon state

The arrests took place following a raid in the China municipality, where solders also seized four rifles, one handgun three hand grenades, 34  magazines, 881 rounds of ammunition, one kilogram of cocaine, tactical and communications gear and two vehicles.

This story is far from over, but the arrests are continuing as this is being written. Los Zetas, thought to be responsible for the massacre have maintained their innocence in the matter, displaying banners throughout the Republic denying responsibility.

In each of the Zeta banners, the message is the same, Los Zetas disassociate themselves from the slaughter that occurred in Nuevo Leon, accusing  the federal government of  not conducting an complete investigation, and asked the government to do so in both the recent massacre of 49 and previous executions.

[pullquote_right]Translation of Mantras – “Javier del Real, Jorge Domene, Adrian de la Garza. The Zetas group distance ourselves (from responsibility) from  the 49 dismembered bodies in Nuevo Leon and we ask that before blaming us, check real good, INVESTIGATE. Do your job like you are supposed to.“Just because somebody goes and dumps a truck full of bodies and leave a message (supposedly) from zetas, you are not suppose to continue with your job (?). And to make things easier, you even do a press conference and that way you remove your responsibility of investigating.

“Gentlemen don’t be fools, those who did this want to make us responsible. For example when we put messages we say “Las Golfas” (slang whores (feminine) and they use ‘Golfos’  gentlemen don’t be fools analyze the things and don’t do your job in a lazy way, just to release from the big load, and also think if we would’ve done it ourselves, it will cost us nothing to throw them in Reynosa? They dumped them in Nuevo Leon because that is our territory.

“Gentlemen don’t be fools and don’t follow the current (don’t go with the flow), investigate, we are not responsible for the 49 deaths. We accept responsibility for the ones in Jalisco and the 9 hanged in Nuevo Laredo, we accept responsibility for those and the banner in Nuevo Laredo, pay attention and see that it says GOLFAS and check all banners that we have placed and it says GOLFAS.

“We invite those who did their job without investigating and the assholes that just wanted to remove the responsibility. Because your solution to the problem is to say it was the Zetas. Or how many of those you have detained say they are Zetas? (Or) That say that they killed them? You don’t have any,  and you will never have because it wasn’t us. We ask THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO INVESTIGATE THE EVENTS.” [/pullquote_right]

May 19, 2012 – Two days later, Army units patrolling the Monterrey suburb of Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, captured Daniel Elizondo “El Loco”, a member of the Gulf cartel and alleged mastermind behind the execution of 49 people found in the town of Cadereyta on Mother’s Day.

The arrest of Daniel “El Loco” Elizondo perhaps gives credence to the Zetas denial of responsibility for this crime.

A video, too graphic to be displayed here, had the caption;

“This goes to all gulfos, Chapos, Marines, Huachos and government. Nobody can do anything to us. 
You don’t have a chance. 
Sincerely: El Loco ,  Z40 and Commander Lazcano”

Obviously, a member of the Gulf TCO would not be operating in tandem with the leader and senior leadership of the Zetas. This whole thing continues to get more strange.

SEDENA, which is the Mexican military, reported this to be the work of the Gulf Cartel. However, on May 21, SIEDO came out with another explanation.

Cadereyta• May 21, 2012 – 7:10 am During the presentation of Jesus Elizondo Daniel Ramirez, Brigadier General Edgar Villegas Meléndez Ruiz explained that “El Loco” was ordered to dump the bodies in the central plaza of Cadereyta.

The killing of 49 people in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, was ordered by the  leader of Los Zetas and the second in command of the criminal organization, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano “The Lazca” and Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, “Z40” with the intention of blaming the criminal organizations operating in the area of the country to create a climate of instability in the region.

In presenting Jesus Elizondo Daniel Ramirez “El Loco”, who is one of those allegedly responsible for the disposal of the 49 people whose bodies were dismembered and dumped in the town of San Juan, the General said that it was reported that Ramirez was ordered to leave the bodies in the plaza in the town of Cadereyta. A “plaza” is the central area of a town in Mexico.
Jesus Elizondo Daniel "El Loco" Ramirez
Jesus Elizondo Daniel "El Loco" Ramirez
According to Ramirez, he considered the likely consequences of doing something of this nature would have against him and contrary to their bosses orders, “El Loco” and his companions left the bodies where they were later located by the authorities and not in the plaza.
Meanwhile the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) has requested the detainment of  “El Loco” for 40 days, on charges of organized crime, and against the welfare and health of the public, violation of the General Law on Firearms and Explosives, as well as profiting from an illegal activity.
And who is wondering what the value Ramirez allegedly put on the lives of his 49 victims? He was promised  7.62 mm caliber rifle, 10 thousand dollars in cash and an unknown amount of marijuana.
More on this as it becomes available.
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