Army units seize 3 tons of marijuana in Camargo Tamaulipas

First Motorized Calvary Regiment seizes 3 tons of marijuanaNUEVO LAREDO (MTNS) Almost 3 tons of marijuana was seized Monday outside the town of Camargo by units of the First Motorized Calvary, on routine patroi.

Military units discovered two SUV’s abandoned next to a canal on a ranch close to town and upon investigation, found they contained 276 packages of marijuana wieghing 2,852 kilograms

.It appeared the vehicles and their contents had been abandoned and no arrests were made. The drugs and vehicles were truned over to the AFI for further investigation.

To date, as part of operations on the border to combat narcotics, the First Motorized Calvary stationed in Nuevo Laredo have seized more than 14 tons of marijuana and 51 kilos of cocaine.

Cd Camargo is approximately 60 miles south of Nuevo Laredo and reputedly a stronghold of the Zeta’s, enforcement arm of the Gulf cartel.