Arms Pipeline to Sinaloa Cartel – US Border Patrol smuggled weapons for “El Chapo” Guzman

Border Patrol smuggles weapons
Evidence emerged in legal proceedings against El Chapo Guzman from a confidential informant that US Border Patrol provided escort and safe passage to vehicles carrying arms to Mexico and drugs entering the United States

Today on the front page of El Universal, the declaration of a protected witness in the federal (PGR) case against El Chapo Guzman says that the US Border Patrol escorted trucks of weapons to the border, abandoned the vehicles and assisted members of the Sinaloa Cartel who then took the guns into Mexico. The declarations come from documents in the case as the witness, Javier Sandoval Interial, was assassinated in Mexico City in 2012. The details are pretty clear below in a google translation

Also, it is reported today in El Universal that a judge has denied the “amparo” against extradition for Caro Quintero. That story is also posted below.

Patrulla Fronteriza Apoyó A “El Chapo” (El Universal)

(Click here for Google translation)

And people are wondering why Mexico is so stringent on enforcing their gun laws as they are doing with former Marine Andrew Paul Tahmooressi, whose supporters are not asking, but DEMANDING that Mexico release him and return the weapons of war he was apprehended with within the borders of their sovereign nation.

Just another black eye for a bloated agency who is out of control with ill trained agents, cover ups of murders committed by agents against citizens of Mexico minding their own business in their own country. And when an investigation into these activities does occur, it is quickly squelched and those trying to do the right thing in exposing the crime and corruption within the US Border Patrol or fired or have their careers but on ice.

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