Arizona “Merchant of Death” back in business after ammo seized by Mexican customs officials

Military weapons seizures in Monclova
Weapons seized during a raid on a safehouse in Monclova Coahuilla last week. Anything in the photo look familiar?
Everybody can breath easier now. It seems Howie Glaser, owner of United Nations Ammo Co and consignee of the 268,000 rounds of NATO grade “sporting ammunition” seized by Mexico got himself a new shipment.

On his website this morning, Glaser advertises;

Finally to arrive by Wednesday 7.62X51 (308) Ammunition Non Corrosive Nato Cross Portuguese Linked or Delinked 1000 round cases

This is contrary to what Glaser was whining about shortly after Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan was arrested entering Mexico with Glaser’s “sportin’ ammo”. At that time Glaser was quoted as saying,

“We don’t have the ammo right now that people need,” he said. “We can’t replace that load. Even if we had the money, we couldn’t say ‘send us more.’ We bought out the last of it, there is none of that ammunition in this country.”

Now before anyone gets riled and claims we want peoples gun taken from them, that’s not the case. I’ve carried for more than 30 years and will continue to do so. I also support our Second Amendment right to bear arms, but a nagging little question keeps entering my mind. In all of their wisdom, if our founding fathers could have foreseen the breadth and magnitude of this country in the 21st century and been aware of the awesome firepower available, would the Second Amendment have been written in such a broad manner? Or would it have been more restrictive as is Mexico’s Constitution in regards to gun ownership. We would like to think the framers of our Constitution would have written the Second Amendment to be more in line with Mexico all things considered.

Because you will never convince me that civilians or anyone outside the military, with the exception of law enforcement, has any need for nor right to possess ordinance such as Howie Glaser sells on his website.

Some examples:

  • .50 BMG Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer. HeadStamp 50 FNB 87 Packed 100 rounds to a can
  • .50 BMG Armor Piercing Incendiary. HeadStamp 50 FNB 87 Packed 100 rounds to a can.
  • .50 BMG Tracer. HeadStamp 50 FNB 87 Packed 100 rounds to a can.
  • .50 BMG British Ball
  • 50 BMG Linked 4/1 every 5th round a FN Tracer
  • .223 – UNAC Tracer
  • .223 62 Grain Wolf Performance FMJ. 20 to a box and 1000 round case.
  • 5.56 Tactical Nato Cross 64 Grain GI XM856 Tracer.
  • .5.56 Lake City XM855 Penetrator Green Tip tactical armor piercing cop killers

Get the idea?

UnAmmo drum mag for AR-15's
Items such as this were recently found by Mexican troops during a raid on a safe house in Monclova Coahuilla
Glaser claims his clients are hunters, sports shooters, etc. but items identical to what he has for sale on his website keep turning up in the damnedest of places, such as in a raid last week on a safehouse in Monclova Coahuilla.

We’re just saying, not pointing any fingers……